Could cook their season

Tigers. Pies. Port coming up.

We won’t catch eagles, more regarding the other teams they’ll beat along the way.

Mathematically this is possible. Lets employ some mathematicians quick


Can’t wait to read the story on


Good effort Your Team.

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Ha, you weren’t content with a 1% lead on top of the ladder; you’re saying we go at about 300% for the next six weeks… I guess we do get that 94 point first quarter versus Gold Coast!


Hey you have been pretty Lid off recently laced with some levelling Lid on. Maybe 65/35

I’m hopeful we will finish as high as 6th, especially if we get over north. This is a hard game but certainly winnable. I’m really enjoying this season. To think if we scored just 11 more points (sydney and Pies games) top 4 was realistic. Our defence now is superb. This will only get stronger.


Actually, our defense is some chance of getting weaker.

Only because the Hooker forward thing appears to be helping our scoring. So steal him from the backline, and it certainly weakens it. Balancing act for the coaches.

“Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep.”
Blaming umpires, whether right or wrong, is always the losers’ excuse, no matter how fancy and logical you make it sound. “We have lost our mojo and may never get it back.” What, we should just give up? Wake up and give your head a good shake. Determination, desire, perserverance etc. will always overcome any perceived bad umpiring decisions!


You couldn’t manage to get Collingwood and Richmond out at the same time?


To get our mojo back, we have to keep working hard to improve our skills by foot and hand.
If we were to improve our skills ONLY 5% it would make a hell of a difference to the scoreboard.

What is MOJO? Hard work, attitude, belief, determination, co-operation, will, guts and grit and the perseverance and ability to keep going when all seems lost. Keep plugging away.

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Hawks just gave another loss to the dockers - potentially they aren’t in the frame anymore and maybe give us a boost when we play them

They’ll still play to win, but it makes it a bit easier on us. Pretty sure the year before last they were out of the finals race and we were in it and they beat us.

For us, we need to win today and pump the suns as a minimum.

EDIT: was 2017 round 23 where they were rubbish and we needed to win to make finals and just fell over the line.

I think we’re playing finals baby!

3 more wins out of 6, get in done boys.


2019 is ours


We need one of Rich, Adel or Port to lose and we stay in the 8.

That somehow would make me feel better about our chances once inside, it means we control our place.

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Won a few home games in a row

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Currently seventh. The ol’ eight-point game versus Adelaide next week!


Can’t ask for much more since after the Eagles game. Wanted 9-7 heading to Adelaide and the boys have delivered. Beaten GWS, plus resurgent teams in Sydney and North. It hasn’t been pretty at times but winning becomes a habit and it looks a if we are starting to get that. We are in control of our destiny. Adelaide next week is another test of our credentials. A big win away from home would really put us in the driving seat.


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