Gonna be 8th in a few minutes :frowning:

Like I’ve said for a while, I think we’ll lose against Crows down in Adelaide. Not the end of the world.

But jeez, if we somehow win…we’re a ridiculous smoking to steal a top 4 spot. Big call.


we can’t make it on 12 wins, our percentage won’t allow it unless will pump Gold Coast. 4 out of the next 6 will guarantee us.


I’m thinking Adel and Freo will be tough games to win. We should be winning the rest and make the finals no excuses

Any win away from home would be good. Beating Adelaide in Adelaide would be fantastic and make sure we’re well-entrenched in the Eight. We’ll need to play the full 100 minutes and make more impact on the scoreboard to win. Go Bombers!!!

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freo are looking horrible at the moment. let’s hope they keep that up.

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Yeah but at home they are a different side, but after today’s effort… anything is possible

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We are doing quite well given our injury list. Yes, other teams have their share too, but we have some key players not just from Essendon’s standpoint, but some top players (all Australian) in the league.

With the exception of JD and Smith, hopefully our run into finals and finals we are fit and healthy.

Patrick Ambrose
Tom Bellchambers
Joe Daniher
Sam Draper
Dyson Heppell
Michael Hurley
Irving Mosquito
Kobe Mutch
Devon Smith
James Stewart

It might come down to us or Port. They have a harder run home and we play Gold Coast they don’t.


We also play Port at Marvel… and not in Adelaide. A plus for us.

Then again we beat them anywhere recently.


And Draper, … and Stewart, … and most likely Mutch, …

It’ll be everything crossed for Hurls though. Didn’t look good.

None of those 3 have featured this year (well, Mutch for about 5 minutes) so I wouldn’t be relying on them.

Interested to know when Paddy, TBell, Hep and Hurley are due back.

This win was huge, just need to limit the damage next week then smash Suns. If we can beat Port after that (have a good record) we are flying with players due back as well (hopefully)

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Let’s hope the Lions smash them tomorrow


Would love the Lions to beat Port (hard task without Hodge and Hipwood).

Would love GWS to surprise the Tigers as well. But that’s a long shot too.

I’d actually prefer port Win. Keep it close all the way up to 4th position. We need to win our way through to the highest position possible.


GWS aren’t safe either though.
They’re on 9, the Tigers will prob get them tomorrow, Coll won’t fear them at all next week, then they have Port away.
Still need 3 more wins just to make Finals.

I think they make it, but let’s see where they are at the end of this tricky 3 week patch !


Crazy to think that we’re 2 umpire rigged games away from top 4.


Tough run home. Some concerning injuries. The thought of finals and actually being a contender is keeping the old ‘lid off’ powder dry.

I think Gold Coast and Port we win. Adelaide and Pies we lose. Because our percentage is ■■■■ we may need to beat both Dogs and Freo which would be a tough ask with injuries starting to mount. Hopefully we can get in with 12 wins if it comes to that.

I say we win them farking all, and beat the Flogs in a Top 4 off deciding game to see who gets in in the final Round. :muscle:


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