The Room

I saw it last night. Like most of you, I too had read several opinions about the film but chose to reserve judgement until I had seen it for myself. And now that I have, I must say it as bad as ‘they’ say it is. There are several catagories of bad. Sharknado for instance is a poor movie but it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Marabunta (the 1998 remake, not the C Heston original) is a truly appalling moving whose stupid premise is matched by some of the worst acting you’re ever likely to see supported by special effects which make 1960’s Rachel Welsh sci-fi/fantasy films appear cutting edge. But The Room is wrong on so many fronts that you can’t believe you’re actually watching it and deserves a catagoroy of wrongness all to itself. I won’t describe the plot in order to not spoil the fun for those who haven’t seen it but those chicken noises, ill timed and inappropriate sex sounds and the appearance of a football for no apparent reason (several times) are the least of the problems with this film when compared to the appalling dialogue, weird editing, odd camera positioning, non-existent continuity and arguably the worst single acting performance ever captured on film in the history of cinema.

If you haven’t seen it, you should.


If they ever screen “Troll 2”, have a look at it.

Probably the peak of anglo edit-remakes of Italian 70s horror. You know going in that it’s essentially two movies, made at two different times, in two different languages spliced together, and marketed as a sequel to a movie it had almost nothing to do with; but it actually doesn’t feel as cohesive as you expect.
The plot twist, the dialogue, the “special” effects, the acting, the fact some of the actors seem to be in on the gag and some are having an honest go at it. It’s really got it all.
Just terrible.

Doesn’t @Windy_Dill run a video busters? He’d have some good suggestions.

Some movies are so bad they are awesome, and are in the must watch category. Awesome bad movies are ones that take themselves seriously but are cringe worthy.

Three immediately come to mind;
The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp,
Showgirls starring Elizabeth Berkley,
and By The Sea with Angelina (again) and Brad Pitt.

Dunno how you sat through it Diggers. I watched about 2 minutes and couldn’t bear to watch any more.

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I still want to know where all the money came from to produce it.

I can’t believe that Wiseau made money in any endeavour.

There’s a movie thread. Why does this garbage film deserve its own thread?


Piranha 3D



How bad does a movie have to be to get its own thread?

As bad as this one.

Star wars


I’ve never laughed so hard at a movie in my life I don’t think.

I’ve watched it twice.

I couldn’t stop watching. I think what appealed to me the most is that Wiseau truly believed he was creating a work of cinematic art.


Is that like Blockbusters, as in rented movies? I’m not in the business and never have been, though it would explain my slow descent into madness.

Oh hi Mark.

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I just watched “Room” on netflix the other day. High quality movie, nothing like you described

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‘The Room’ taught me that there are some real non-negotiable rules you need to follow when shooting a sex scene… particularly to do with camera placing and body positioning… and that not following these rules can lead to some catastrophically horrific results…

Also - did anyone actually work out what/where is ‘room’ referred to in the title?

I was thinking about starting the same thread.

Everything has been said, and still it can’t express how bad this movie is. I actually think the director/actor/etc., Wiseau, has a mental disability of some kind. Not joking. He’s currently talking about staging the film as a musical. And Diggers, I don’t think he “thought” he was making a work of cinematic art, I think he still believes it.

Edit: the wiki page in the next post is interesting background reading.

Its all very profound WW*…:

“According to Wiseau, the title alludes to the potential of a room to be the site of both good and bad events;[4] the stage play from which the screenplay is derived takes place in a single room.[5]”

*[Just a note: any space could be defined as such, any ■■■■■■■ space.]

Troll 2 was on last night on 32 (vice). I watched it, it was very interesting, very unique.