The Rumour File 2017/18

Trade rumours for 2017.

Anthony Miles (Richmond) is a certainty to arrive at Bomberland.

There will be much gnashing of teeth and ripping off of ■■■■■ if this premonition bears fruit

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That the club is open to trading Aaron Francis

Surely that would be a fairly open admission that 1) you screwed up that draft pick and 2) your development of him in 2 years has been sub par.

Or we need an inside mid more than a 3rd tall / intercept marking defender?



You know there is a whole board devoted to trade rumours


Essendon is planning a massive investigation into this ‘tackling’ that so many teams do.


Will this thread feature racist quips?

My mail is that the thread will devolve into puns, just…all of the puns, and then be closed.

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No it doesn’t have to mean that at all, unless you want it to.

Really? We are doing a thread based on rumours where there is a forum dedicated to threads based on rumours?

Rumour has it they are planning a remake of romper room.

I heard a rumour that you should shut up

Renovation rescue is going to be converting the abandoned drug dungeon into an illegal underground casino in readiness for Stringer.

Conor McKenna plans on doing the millionaires walk through the venue like his Irish compatriot.

If this is the rumours thread… what the fk are the other threads?



or it could mean they got our needs wrong, wither way it’s not a great look.

hang on, this is probably all bulltish anyway, so doesn’t matter! :slight_smile:

not so much an Essendon trade rumor but a story behind the turnaround at Richmond.

Vickery did not take too well to receiving constructive criticism. Deledio would also stand up for Vickery when critical feedback was provided. This had the effect of creating a bit of a divide between significant portions of the playing group
■■■■ those 2 off and the turnaround is pretty evident.

Maybe that’s a bit overly simplistic and the transformation can’t be put down entirely to this, but it is possibly a fair piece of the puzzle.

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