The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming

Lads, it’s North Melbourne…


Blitz was confident about rolling West Coast in Perth but scared of North at Marvel… :roll_eyes:

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Remember that time Tippa was delisted by another club after a 1 game career?


So different guys then?

The Herald Sun has posted an article about how we have 2 deals… and the rest is behind the paywall.

Can some strapping young lad post the rest of it for me. I didn’t know where else to post this.

It’s basically a nothing add on at the end of the article.

Literally 2 paragraphs. Francis and Parish OOC, looking to get the deals done. That’s it.


The teams they have beaten have been flat pressure and intensity wise. We need to match there pressure and intensity for four quarters to win.

Much easier said than done with our side.

But do this and clean up our disposal and we should win well.

LOL north miss out on Longmire. It’s a nice list now. Martin, Gaff, De goey amd counting. No one wants to go to that pissant of a club

I take that back! They got Polec a nice solid B Grader who’s earning A grader money.

Bunch of fcks

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Montagna said on AFL tonight that he thinks North will won because they’re tougher and more intense than the Dons. Seems to be a common comment this week. Hope it fires the boys up.


Dermie tipped North by 65 points

It seriously better. Nothing should fire them up more than almost everyone writing them off because the opposition is “tougher”. If they’re serious, that should not sit well with them at all.


Farken lol


He still hates Essendon with a passion.

well it’s mutual


there is 2 ways this can go…you would think they would be hearing about this softness labelled at them…so they can accept it or if they don’t like what they are hearing about their persona than they need to show the competition that they are not to be made fun of and make tomorrow an absolute blood bath of carnage.

He’s an unprofessional thug and could only have a place in a football media that treasures macho bullshit over everything else. Fark him and everything about him. Farken carnt.


^Words confirmed unminced.

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I’m not convinced that intense pressure and contested work is the kryptonite it once was to us. Structure and organisation to slow us down still is though. I’m not sure that North’s structure is their strong suit. They have gone head to head with us the last couple of times and got blown away

Fwiw we shade then for contested ball and tackles over the course of the year

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I think the biggest factor on paper is the whole “Goldstein vs Zac Clarke” mismatch, that’s why the tipsters are against us.
Otherwise we know we have plenty of guys inside and out who can use the ball well, and we have plenty of forwards who should not be underestimated. Our defence has been solid so I don’t think that’s come under question.
Both teams are middle of the road and are in decent form, but you don’t win on form, you have to win it on the day.
However, going on form, I think we have way more upside than Norf, Fantasia and Walla are due, as is Laverde, even Stringer is threatening to have a day out.
And without dumping on Zac Clarke, surely the coaches have worked with him during the week to nullify his weaknesses, and get him working better with the mids, since obviously that’s what Norf will be hoping to exploit.
It’s going to be a tussle early, both side with a lot to play for, but I reckon we will get the job done - if it’s close we know to back ourselves and not panic- and it might just be the crowd that gets us over the line… again.


Agreed that Clarke is a weakness. But I think he’ll do better against a traditional ruckman than Aliir.


Some interesting stuff, but a lot of it was a bit of a McGuane/Norf circle jerk.

Really looking forward to this one, think we’ll win if we bring the pressure.

This is what Worsfold thinks of Dermie’s prediction.