The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming

Can people please stop buying into the media BS re Zeibell being a hard nut
Yeah he’s a solid lump but has specialised in that Norf brand of toughness that involves cheap shots, punches to the back of the head and disappears when a genuine hard nut takes him on
Resting in the forward pocket with a bandaged head to avoid retribution is not a sign of toughness
Although all of that does put him firmly in the Norf tradition


Hypnotic and deserves repeating again.



What a shame that #53 kent got in the way of the camera !

You had me at “Media BS”.

If we are seriously in the mix for 8/7th on the ladder then this is the type of match we should be winning.


The North board losing their collective minds over the selection of Jamie Macmillan.
Please let him stink it up for the LOLS.

Think I might boooooo today.

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Cunnington ?

Or BBB for putting his arms above his head and getting a free when the replay shows zero contact ?

■■■■ I hope we smash peasants today. Watch them and media sucking em off all week go into hiding.

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They’ve moved into favourites with the bookies now on top of every media/“expert” tipping North

No respect for the Bombers

Crush them!!!

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We live rent-free in their heads.


Whoever is the nominated person to strike Merrett early in the game.


I always thought Brown was a dead set ringer for him. We’ll need to keep him in check to win this one and Brown on Brown could be an option.

Can we have a themed game against these c*nts about the ‘blackballing’ into the league ?

It’s history, and we should acknowledge and respect that history.

Edit…we could even play with a Special Edition black ball !

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Explain ?

No matter how much some people have been talking the significance of the Roos down, the build up has been huge and it’s gonna be a massive game! I really hope we smash them to smithereens.


Many, many generations ago, we voted against Norf entering the VFL, predominantly because we felt their close proximity would dilute our fan base.

They still harbour a grudge :joy:

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You just won yourself a Like !

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So so nervous about this game. We definitely have the talent to win it. But are we going to bring the right mental strength to the match?