The Skip

OK. Jobe’s #BackIn so its now time to give your concrete opinions on who the 2017 captain should be.

I’ll kick things off with what might be an unpopular opinion - I think that Goddard should retain the captaincy for 2017.

My reasoning is primarily the fact that no other candidate has played with both the 2015/16 intake and the banned players. Its a huge advantage to have personal and professional relationships with the players you’re playing with and Goddard is the best candidate who has those relationships. It would be difficult for Jobe/Hepp to take over as captain given they haven’t played with any of the 2015 draftees, plus the traded in players (Leuey, Bird), plus the retained top-ups (Kelly, Dea). When you add the 2016 draftees to that list it will end up being around 15-18 odd players in a list of 40 that Hepp and Jobe haven’t played with (although admittedly they will have trained with some of them for a few months in late 2015).

Goddard has the advantage of having played with the suspended players for 3 years, plus the 2015 draft/rookie intake, plus Kelly/Dea. He might have flaws as an on-field captain, but in my view he’s the perfect transition captain for the club while Hepp gets up to speed with the aim of taking over in 2017. This plan also allows the club to be lead by an experienced set of hands while Jobe just gets out there and enjoys his footy.


To me it sounds like it will be driven by the playing group, so whoever gets the title will be voted in by their peers. I would certainly like to see Jobe in the role so long as he would like to remain as captain, however if he decided to relinquish that mantle, the time is right for Heppell to assume the role.

How blessed are we for choices.

Remarkable men on our list.

I believe Goddard as well even though Heppell will be appointed IMO.

It’s either Watson or Heppell. Goddard has done a good job in my opinion but it has to be Heppell (if Watson passes the torch). Start the 10 year Dyson Dynasty as soon as we can.

Must say I haven’t thought down that line myself…but I think your reasoning for BJ retaining the captaincy in 2017 is spot on SMJ…

Why would you vote Goddard?.. It’s such an obvious choice its not funny. Heppell Captain, Zach Merrett VC. Done. Its a new time and new era and black and red runs through both these boys veins and will so for another 10 years. Plus, they will both monster midfields together for years to come.

While I think Goddard would be a fine choice and would make sense, I’m of the opinion that Heppell has been groomed to take up the captaincy in 2017, especially if you look at his actions this year. Has really been a bit of a face for the banned players (being on 360, really engaged on twitter etc)

I think the young blokes would all really look up to him and has obviously played with the older blokes for a while.


Let Jobe just play footy without the commitment to do all the press conferences, speaking engagements, weight of responsibility in general that comes along with the captaincy etc.
He will still be a powerful guiding force for the young guys but time for Hepp to take the reins.

BJ did a great job this year and you do make a good point SMJ but I think he is a bit too intense/full on at times and that type of leadership doesn’t work for everyone. It’s Hep for me.

Goddard would be just fine. Heppell would be just fine. Not fussed either way. I don’t feel Jobe will take it on again.


If Jobe wants it, then the whole playing group will be voting for him. No doubt about it.

Captain: Heppell
Vice Captains: Hurley, Hooker
Leadership group: Zerrett, Daniher, Goddard, Myers

7 man leadership group. Let Jobe and Stants just play. Even though they’ll be “spiritual” leaders.

No disrespect to BJ, but he will be 32 next year, has shown signs of slowing down, so there is a chance he may not even be best 22 by year’s end.

It’s Watson’s if he wants it, but personally I reckon you let him and BJ just play footy and give Heppell the job he’s been groomed for since we drafted him.




It’s your 200th game, your footballteamcar has gone to ■■■■, you’ve had enough, you take a year holiday thanks to the AFL, in that year your footballteamcar has an up and running bestintheafl form Zach Merrett, A mighty Hart, A new set of Tippa wheels and 201cc’s of JoeDan up in the front.

As if you would not want to give him that car and see how he drives it.

He’s looking the fittest and happiest we’ve seen him, give him the team, it’s his team, he’s earned, he deserves it, especially when we shake the comp next year, you want him getting all the credit.

Has to be Jobe.

C: Jobe
VC: Mr Football

Admit it, you want that.

On-field coaches/mentors - Jobe, Goddard, Kelly.
Captain: Heppell
Vice-Captain: Hooker
Leadership: Hurley, Zaharakis, Daniher and Z. Merrett