IN: M.Jamar, K.Langford, D.Parish, M.Redman

OUT: J.Polkinghorne (Omitted)

B: M Dea, M Hartley, M.Gleeson

HB: O. Fantasia, M.Brown, P.Ambrose

C: D.Zaharakis, Z.Merrett, J.Merrett

HF: J.Kelly, J.Laverde, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti

F: D.Parish, J.Daniher, J.Long

Foll: M.Leuenberger, C.Bird, M.Stokes

IC FROM: A. Cooney, M.Redman, K.Langford, C.McKenna, M.Jamar, J.Simpkin, S.Grimley

Raz HBF? Woosha pls!

ANOTHER Sunday game

RIP smack

oh yeah theres a game?!

Cheer squad needs to have a banner this week saying.

Doggies… Get fcked cnts.

Banner should read

We have Hurley, you have Boyd


Cooney and Conor will both play, would like to see the last 2 spots go to Jamar and Langford


They do listen to me.


IN: Redman

Out: Polkinghorne.

What a day…

Really good ins.

Stokes plays his 200th and final game aswell

Oh yeah, there’s a game this week

■■■■ timeslot. Gotta get there anyway. Regardless of your opinion of on field performance ■■■■ and Stokes deserve a decent send off.

In: Parish, Jamar, Langford
Out (forever): Simpkin, Grimley, Polk

IN: Parish, Jamar
OUT: Polk, Grimley

Hams still not deserving? Have we made the call on him that he’s not good enough?

In 8 players -

Hams still not deserving? Have we made the call on him that he's not good enough?

Surely gets another year on the rookie list. He’s shown plenty this year, all he lacks now is a few kgs