The Team against Fark North!

In: Fletcher, Ashby, Langford
Out: Zaharakis (inj), Gwilt (omitted), Hams (omitted).

Credit to lysp for the team btw.

That is the first time I have seen Howlett all game even though he came on in the second quarter.

What does he offer anymore?

Great kick Melksham.


We are getting smashed in the ruck
We are playing slow/uninspired football
We are lacking a half forward/forward crumber

Yet once again these changes do nothing to help our problems.This game was lost at the selection table.

surely you jest, please tell me your jking

Is the Bigfooty leaker sure about this?



Good changes

I want Gleeson to start.

Langford rising star this weekend

No way!! Where’s Chappy?

And surely get Mckernan in!

Reports Buckets hurt his neck, Smack in

Being reported Jake out with a neck injury

Man this will get ugly.

3aw reporting Carlisle injured his neck at training and will miss this week

Where’s the Coondawg?

Was the TVSC floor not spongy enough for Cooney’s rehab?

Hearing Carlisle is out

Carlisle won’t be playing.

Great things just keep getting better

Well I was wrong. Carlisle thing is strange. What happened to Cooney and Chapman?