The Team: Elimination Final 2: Essendon vs Screw North

Whadda ya think bomber? No Hansen



NM changes:
In: Firrito, Thomas, Goldstein, McDonald and Greenwood
Out: Adams, Hansen, Wood, Currie and Mullet

No Hansen is great

That Hansen is so not hot right now


Looks good on paper. That is if TBC can kick 3-4 goals.
FF 11 David Zaharakis 2 Tom Bellchambers 27 Zach Merrett
HF 3 Paul Chapman 6 Joe Daniher 5 Brent Stanton
C 9 Brendon Goddard 4 Jobe Watson 21 Dyson Heppell
HB 8 Jason Winderlich 18 Michael Hurley 1 Michael Hibberd
FB 12 Mark Baguley 26 Cale Hooker 15 Courtenay Dempsey
30 Patrick Ryder
23 David Myers
39 Heath Hocking


 Int Howlett Colyer Steinberg Gleeson

Licha to play 3rd tall.

Chap to play 70% fwd, 30% mid

Hibbo moved to Black in the last allowing Hurley to move fwd and kick the sealers.

Our forward line is so dysfunctional we've decided to just not select one this week. Bold.

Licha will kick 7

Ambrose, DELL and Jerrett the emgs.

Ryder will start forward. Hurley will start back. Steinberg as 3rd tall on black.

Ambrose is stiff to miss but I suspect licha and bj will play that hit up role and we get cover down back.

Shows how much bomber rates Gleason

NM changes:
In: Firrito, Thomas, Goldstein, McDonald and Greenwood
Out: Adams, Hansen, Wood, Currie and Mullet

No Hansen is great

Agreed. But our KPFs are hardly a handful!
Also, Those ins are prob 5 of their top 12 players.

Melk not even named emergency?

He’d be seething!

Melk not even named emergency?
He'd be seething!

Who are?

North have picked Grima and Greenwood, both aren't 100% by all accounts.


Hurley on Brown and Steinberg on Aaron Black (or vice versa) - I actually like both of those matchups as a chance for us to expose them on the rebound, particularly at the G.  


Turner would be sub for them you'd think. Not sure who gets it for us - Marty, Benny H or Trav probably.

Both teams look pretty good on paper. 

They might have a better forward line but our defense looks better.

Hopefully we've got them in the midfield.

HB: Quinn T. Slattery Atkinson

Horses for courses. Won’t need the tall cover down back next week. Ambrose comes back and Carlisle can give Belly a spell.

Fletch in for the prelim.

I like the balance and flexiblity of the team

Steinberg Vs Brown & Hurley vs Black allows Hibberd to play his normal role playing on Ziebell or Cunnington resting forward.


This forward line looks the most dangerous with Watson & Goddard resting forward at times


Winderlich, Bellchambers/Ryder, Chapman

Zaharakis, Daniher, Z.Merrett/Colyer

OK getting amped now. Any blitzes likely to be skulking around frank grey Smith bar on Saturday?

I thought we would put Winders back for Hurley to come forward but it looks like we will have both forward which is a good thing.  Bad luck for Ambrose though, I think he's way better than Steinberg.

I've seen this general sentiment from a few posters now and I find it illogical to compare the two. Steinberg will strengthen our defence with some extra height and hardness at the expense of a hard running half forward. Considering the ease Carlton scored with last week I think it's a good brave move.

We are Jake Carlisle away from being a ridiculously good team…if they’re on.

And by fark we’re going to be on!

#screwnorf. #farkcarlton