The team (it is this time) vs the Gold Coast Sins


Matt Dea, Orazio Fantasia, Darcy Parish
Jake Stringer (Injured), Patrick Ambrose (Injured), Jake Long (Omitted)

Pre-Match vs Gold Coast (MS) - Team Talk/Selections/Thoughts

Myers named at FB, a master stoke?


So absolutely ■■■■■■.

RAZ??? FKG get his body right you inept ■■■■■■.

No Francis again.

■■■■ this cluv


Happy with that team. Surprised about Myers - if he’s not completely okay for the game, it’s not worth the risk. The rest of our mids then need to carry too much.


Like the in’s but when will we see St Francis?


odds on raz injuring himself on sat?

curtains for long’s career too.


McNeice gets another go but Francis cant even get a sniff? ■■■■


Can anyone tell me if Stewart is even close to being called up into the 1s?


Get the feeling francis has told the club he wants out, only reason i can think of to not play him


on vfl form, no.


if you’ve seen any of the vfl games the last month you’d have your answer.


I wouldn’t think so.
Still working on things.


Also, lowkey just title these threads shitly so djr has to fix.



I’m happy with those in.
But apart from a win the main thing I want out of this game is for Raz to get through unscathed.

I really feel for Long. He should have been given 3 or 4 games in a row to save or finish his career for good. I guess there is a possibility that Raz still doesn’t get up (they’re probably just giving him til the last minute) so maybe Long still gets a go.


As opposed to when Myers plays?


my condolences to Benfiti first of all


How the hell is Myers still in the team?

Why is Jake Long- who was pretty decent, dropped? Give the kid a run of games and make the call at the end of the year. Pretty rough on a kid to be brought back in and then straight back out

No Francis?!?! Really?!?! What is there to lose by giving him a few games?


?? Myers is playing, which is why I’m concerned!!


If it’s true that Myers was struggling with a calf all week, it’d be ■■■■■■ mental to have him sit on a plane to the Gold Coast.

If he plays and does his calf, I’d expect Blitz to have a meltdown.


Seems pretty logical


People wanting Francis in. Worsfold hears ya, Worsfold don’t care