The team (it is this time) vs the Gold Coast Sins


Hang on, I’ll just go and copy and paste some comments from the Francis thread. Jesus H Christ. Stupid me to think that Blitz wouldn’t have a meltdown.
I want to see him in as much as the next guy, but come on. This is starting to rival the The Langford outcrie.
It’s obvious we want to keep the side smaller and could not bring in both of Dea and Francis. Dea had the runs on the board and was dropped for best fit. You don’t then go against that philosophy and pick a bunch of talls just because they’re due.


Exactly what I think too. If he is injured during the game and the rest of our mids then need to take less rotations, I’ll be ■■■■■■.

Zaka is due back in a couple of weeks yes?! Now that Langford has settled into the midfield, may be good to have less reliance on Myers.


Just mind boggling. It’s not as if he played an awesome game and we desperately need him on the field.

The guy has had such a bad run with injuries, why even risk it!


How does Colyer stay in ahead of Long?

They keep picking players with Experience ahead of players with performance, form and match fitness.





It is the Essington way


If Raz pings a muscle I’m going to enlist Stal to rip Woosha’s ■■■■ off!


Myers reported to be saying he is no chance during the week. Myers named at FB.

I reckon this is all building up to the ultimate troll late change of Myers out, Frang in.


Maybe they have decided to keep Long but they aren’t yet sure about Colyer.
Who knows.


Embarrassing selections. Drop long. How about you drop Goddard or myers. Golden ticket system at the true value solar centre. Same for the past 6 years. Why do some players get 1 shot, or no shot at seniors but some players potato it up week after week and never get dropped


They look like good selections to me. Stop ya sooking!


It’s a small team with Stringer and Ambrose out, replaced by Dea and Parish.
Only 2 talls down back (and Hurley is only semi tall) and 2 forward, plus one ruckman.
I don’t mind the trend, but it would have been more appropriate against Collingwood, who had almost no talls other than Cox, rather than GC, who have 2 198cm+ forwards. I have NFI about the rest of the GC lineup and its marking power.
The problem could be we have an abundance of very short mids and flankers (Colyer, McGrath, Fanta, Zac, Tippa, Smith, Saad), so the help in marking contests is less likely from those around the contest.


Happy to have Darcy back



I must have missed the memo on Francis being the next Bruce Doull.

15-20 touches, a couple of classy twists and turns in traffic and a questionable fitness base must mean automatic selection at AFL level.


Sack Dudoro


Man you people are silly

Dea comes back in. Dropped last week to a massive Blitz tanty. Nobody mentions that it’s good that he’s back.

Parish in after 37 or something in the VFL. Barely anyone mentions it.

Fanta in because the club was being cautious withdrawing him last week. He was a late withdrawal remember, he must have been almost right and his problem pretty minor.

And instead of talking about any of this you whinge about Francis? A player who almost everyone thought was done a few months ago? And who has mental health concerns that the club are maybe wanting to be careful with? Jesus you people


So much this


Same. The fact anyone’s bagging Long v Fanta is absolutely wild.


Happy with Darcy and Raz. Surprised Dea over Harts, but can only imagine they aren’t worried about the extra tall and are back our mids to do the job, with Hurls picking off the odd bomb into the forward 50.

If no Harts I’d have liked a look at Frang, but Dea deserves his spot.


We lose two big strong players and bring in Dea, Parish and Fantasia.

Poor selection. That’s two weeks in a row the selectors have ■■■■■■ up.