The team (it is this time) vs the Gold Coast Sins


No Ridley, no Francis, no Clarke.

Another wasted development opportunity at senior level.

Geez we must have some real quality in a fkn 12th place team to be keeping young players out.


Pack of sooks.

Go Bombers!


I genuinely think Woosh could bring in 25yo Hird, Lloyd and Tim Watson and 95% of comments would be complaints about some ■■■■.


Fantasia and Parish aren’t exactly old timers!

Though would have liked to see Ridley play - happy with Dea as well.

This year we’ve see Guelfi, Ridley, Langford, Redman, Begley etc really step up and impress.

Happy with the way our development is going. Realistically, out of our best 22 - I can only see perhaps Goddard not continuing on next year. Perhaps Baguely too.


FWIW…I haven’t seen Crossley since U18’s…but pretty sure he is a chunky ruckman first and foremost…not some wiley mobile KPF.






The interesting thing about Clarke is that his stats seem to have dropped off since he played his AFL game. They’re still good, just not as hot as they were. Not sure what that means though.


I see a few come in here to complain just in case we win and play well and they don’t get an opportunity to whinge at the weekend.


The coaches still want to aim for finals.

Win the next 5 and that goals not impossible given the opposition, then its 1 win from Richmond or Port to get to 13 wins.

I dont think we will do it, but history shows Essendon backs the team until its impossible.


And you’d expect any team to do that.


If that was Long “in form” then that says a lot. Personally I like it that worsfold has backed in Coyler and think he’ll repay the faith. Brings more to the team than Long. Last week was not good but he will get better.
I hope.


If they wanted to play finals, perhaps they should do what snapped us out of our form slump and actually start playing some kids. Instead, we start winning some games so they go back to playing the older underdone / out of form guys.


We’ll make him appear that way on saturday night though


It’s amusing to see the usual suspects chiming in like clockwork, for a whinge.


In terms of kids it’s no different to what it was in the Geelong game or anytime since.
The Geelong game had:


This game has:
McNeice (I know he’s not a kid, but he’s still a very new player who we need to find out and make a decision on)

From that Geelong game:

  • There are reasons why Ridley isn’t still playing. His form dropped away and he got injured and his form hasn’t been as good yet since returning to the VFL. But that’s not a worry. He’s had a taste and showed a lot. He’ll got more chances, if not this year, then next
  • Clarke wasn’t great and didn’t really contribute a huge amount to why we won. But hoefully he’s learnt from that and will be better next time he gets a chance
  • Laverde had an extended run and was rightly dropped eventually (he was terrible against Geelong). Unfortunately his latest injury prevented him from being a chance to replace Stringer.


Look you wont get any argument from me about Myers and Colyer. I’d be doing something different there.

But did we really drop all the old guys to play the kids earlier in the year?

I remember Parish and Stewart got dropped. Myers for a couple of weeks. Who else got dropped?


The thing is, bringing the young players in earlier in the year wasn’t just to get games into them, they ACTUALLY improved the side


Another way of saying that is they brought in the young players who could improve the side.

(And the old players who could improve the side as well)


So they picked the side on merit. Arguably they’ve done that all year.