The team (it is this time) vs the Gold Coast Sins


It’s left field.


And they say the game has passed Woosha by…

This is revolutionary stuff right here.


Colyer. Expect some poor kicks, handballs at feet, fumbling the footy, miss a goal. That sums up most of Colyers games an he still gets a gig. Not sure what else to say


I am not convinced Myers will get through the entire without succumbing to another injury.


I am not sure Myers will even play.


Enter Francis, stage right. A drama in 3 Acts.


I believe Clarke and Mutch have swapped . Mutch is playing inside a lot more, while Clarke is learning to play on the outside . Its all about being able to play multiple roles and play seamlessly in the Essendon midfield rotation.


It’s never as simple as what fans think should happen.

First things first they choose for matchups to give best opportunity of winning the game, which based on last 7 weeks or no one should really be arguing with.

Case in point McNeice on Thomas.

Then they have to also balance up development with list management. There is no doubt there are those getting played who the club doesn’t see as their future (or unsure of) getting precedence over those they do at times. It would happen at every single club.

IMO Long being dropped when he played a far superior game to Colyer’s previous two outings & had his praises sung by Woosh and Hep meets this.

Can cry all you like about Francis not getting a game but firstly there probably isn’t a match up for him. And as for his future, Goddard is almost done but still playing high level football, the club sees him as someone who can play a similar role, Francis himself as a junior said he saw himself as that type of player.


In any case hope to see a match up that suits him next week!


There’s more whinging about people whinging than people actually whinging.

That said, ■■■■ this ■■■■ club and their ■■■■ selections, absolute pathetic ■■■■.




Not sure about that. There’s a ■■■■ load of whinging going on. Same every week


Its our ‘brand’ of supporting


Staggered that Colyer is being gifted games. One full match in the VFL, where he was average, then he’s straight back into the seniors.

Was average against North and absolute trash against Collingwood.

Giving players games based on reputation vs actual output is what helped ruin our season in the first place.


The thing is we won 2 weeks ago with Hurley, Hooker, Ambrose and Dea. Last week we replace Dea with McNeice and lost. Now with Ambrose out we bring Dea back in. I understand that Dea was stiff be dropped but if he comes back in he should have come in for McNeice who replaced him last week. Francis then comes in for Ambrose.

I also understand Worsfold has seemingly pidgeon holed Francis as an intercepter. But from what I have seen on the televised VFL matches Francis could do an Ambrose like job while also clunking. Does this not add more versatility to our backline and improve our team? Feel sorry for Francis not getting a chance to show what he can do at AFL level.



Was you that said Myers told you he was ‘done’ this week at training yeah?

Surely won’t play.

So from the emergencies someone going to get a call up.


You’d think if that was the case they would have put a like for like in the emergencies… eg Clarke or Mutch


Or just give Langford more responsibility plus Parish is back and have Long perhaps in again for more run.

Maybe even Francis because having both Stringer and Ambrose out but only bringing in Dea in terms of a tall /medium is odd.

It is a game travelling off a short break though. I guess the more run the better.


That’ll be an interesting situation.
Cos on the one hand itll be another example of poor player management.
On the ither hand people really dont want myers in the aide, so they might not care.


I would have thought an interstate game - less media coverage, smaller crowd etc would be the perfect opp to play Francis.


Oddly enough I want him to play about 8 games in a row so he proves to the coaches he’s not really up to it.
He always comes back and plays 3 or 4 with 1 good one and then gets injured again. I reckon the coaches keep thinking he’ll go well with an extended run. Maybe he will and they’ll be proven right (I doubt it). Either way, an extended run of about 8 weeks should be enough for the coaches to make a final call