The team (it is this time) vs the Gold Coast Sins


Don’t worry. It’s all ok.


You do realise that less media coverage, smaller crowd etc have absolutely fark all to do with selection?


Well Parish and Fantasia are real quality. And Dea can hold his end up. But the team balance is really poor.


Really poor? In what way? One tall or medium player less than you like doesn’t equal really poor


Selection is on merit. Francis deserves a game on merit. I was thinking this game might have presented less pressure on the kid. But you are probably right - every game is a high stakes affair.


You are right that selection should be partly on merit, but there are always other factors when it comes to selection. Such as team balance, structure, travel, players readiness.

Just because a player is doing well in the VFL doesn’t always mean they are set to go, sometimes there are aspects of their game we are not aware of, but the player and the coaches are, that they need to work on.

I am not saying I know that this is the case with Francis but it may well be a part of it as well as any mental health issues and other factors.

We simply don’t have all the information to know why some things happen and some things don’t.


The selection of Dea is a clear admission that last weeks dropping was a fark up by the match committee


I don’t agree with this at all.
We have had a significant issue at this club for 15 years regarding culture, consistency and hard work.

The fact Colyer has jumped the cue based on experience, with 1 full game in the vfl and no form… what does that say to the young players who are busting their gut on the track and turning up to every VFL match in the suburbs and getting the job done.

Then some bloke who has been injured for 4
Months has 1 match, Hardly gets the ball, and sent straight into the AFL.

The match committee are playing a very dangerous game, by constantly overlooking and not rewarding young players for great form.

It’s not like Colyer is a best & fairest player or All Australian, who can demand to walk straight in.


As does a sustained period of good form in the VFL it would seem.


Several have said Colyer jumped the queue to get selected. What is this based on? Who was in the VFL doing a similar role better?


I think they must mean he jumped on a few blokes who were ahead of him and injured them…secretly, while they were playing


He came in for Redman.

So Clarke, Mutch, Francis, Houlahan.

Anyone can be brought in and the team shuffled around if needed.


No, he came in for Green.

And his VFL form was significantly superior to Houlihan, the only forward you listed.




I don’t get it Dea was plying some solid footy there was no need for Ambrose to come in last week. with Ambrose injured Dea stays in the side for the rest of the year




For those of you going to the game, can you please booo Saad, so when their 6 supporters boo him it doesn’t sound so pathetic!


It’s sounds like a master-something


I love it.
When Francis is truly ready,he will be farking truly ready.

My believe,is that when he gets in,he will stay in.For years.And dominate.


Checking against the named VFL team, it seems that Long will be the emergency flying north.
Reading that as -
Coverage for Myers in case he doesn’t get up.