The last time

Pears, kav, edwards, langford, stein, ashby, browne in

Chappy, NOB, demps and hibberd out


Essendon vs. Collingwood

Round 23, MCG

Sunday September 6


Fantasia, Carlisle, Baguley, Stanton, Hurley, Melksham


Hocking, Heppell, Zaharakis


J.Merrett, Laverde, Howlett, McKenna, Daniher, Hooker


McKernan, Langford, Goddard

Interchange From:

Steinberg, Ashby, Kavanagh, Edwards, Gleeson, Pears and Browne


Pears, Browne, Kavanagh, Edwards, Steinberg, Ashby and Langford


Chapman (retired), Dempsey (suspended), Hibberd (knee) and O’Brien (hamstring).

No Fletcher :frowning:

No fletch

Few last games for the club you’d imagine

Things look grim for our VFL team

No Fletch


The dream ends for me and saladin this Sunday.

RIP our VFL side’s chances

Really wish they’d concentrated on the VFL. With Fletch not playing this is the biggest non-event of a game, perhaps in history.

cmon Tayter!

I don’t know what that team means?

HF: Edwards JoeDan Langford
FF: Fanta Hooker Conor

The future is here and it looks ■■■■■■ exciting.

Kavanagh, Edwards, Gleeson and Browne (Sub)

This bench please.

So… is Fletch done?

Kav’s last chance to earn the !

Farewell game for Melksham?

Tayte Pears.

The final chance at momentum

Thought Oirish might stay in. I dare say his Ma & Da are still Melbourneising.