The Team: Salami Cup 2.0

In: Hibberd, Goddard, O’Brien


B: Dustin Fletcher, Cale Hooker, Mark Baguley

HB: Courtenay Dempsey, Michael Hurley, Jason Winderlich

C: Zach Merrett, David Zaharakis, Brendon Goddard

HF: Heath Hocking, Jake Carlisle, Brent Stanton

F: Paul Chapman, Joe Daniher, Patrick Ambrose

R: Patrick Ryder, David Myers, Dyson Heppell

I/C (from): Michael Hibberd, Nick O'Brien, Jake Melksham, Jackson Merrett, Ben Howlett, Cory Dell'Olio, Travis Colyer


In: Goddard, Hibberd, O'Brien

Out: -




B: Liam Picken, Jordan Roughead, Jason Johannisen

HB: Robert Murphy, Dale Morris, Adam Cooney

C: Koby Stevens, Matthew Boyd, Jack Macrae

HF: Marcus Bontempelli, Stewart Crameri, Lachie Hunter

F: Luke Dahlhaus, Jake Stringer, Nathan Hrovat

R: Will Minson, Ryan Griffen, Tom Liberatore

I/C (from): Mitch Wallis, Easton Wood, Mitch Honeychurch, Sam Darley, Jack Redpath, Tom Campbell, Mark Austin


In: Griffen, Cooney, Campbell

Out: -

Who’s out?

Squad of 25 at this stage (Sunday game)

Who's out?

No-one yet as it's a Sunday game.
Final team will be finalized tomorrow at 5pm.

Sunday ■■■■■■ Sunday

They've got a couple of very good ins, we have even better ones.



Two of Dell, Trav, Melk, J Merrett and Howlett will be out. I'd guess Dell and J Merrett will get the chop

on form you'd have to say dell and J merrett out, but that doesn't seem to be the biggest factor re selection so who honestly knows who the hell will go out, til it happens.

Its a good problem to have.

Who's out?

- is out.


The Dogs matched our - out with their own - out.

Melksham probably deserves to be in the magoos, but given past history he will be a certain starter on Sunday.

Contested ball contested ball contested ball.


Dell and J.Merrett out.


Goddard Hibbered in.


Up em.

Looking at that bench, I reckon Melk might be in trouble.

Lol. Dreamers.


Besides Jobe, this is best 22, right?

Besides Jobe, this is best 22, right?

Ive got TBell in our best 22 when fit

Dell & Jackson out for mine too. Tough on both.

It would be, Belly I guess.

Dogs will try and lock it down, Colyer, The Merretts on the outside will all be important with their leg speed and ability to spread when we win it.

It’s probably a full strength side for them too.

Ambrozi to kick 6.

I really thought Melksham played his best game certainly for this year, and probably the equal of any game he played last year. Pressured well, tackled, generally took the first option, and kept things simple.

Not sure how everyone else saw his game, but I’d be very surprised if he was dropped on that performance.