The Team: The Fridge is back - ESSENDON v FREMANTLE @ MRVL , 7:25pm AEST Saturday, May 18, 2019

It’ll probably be a better game to watch than ours.

It’ll probably be a better game than ours

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It’s going to be cold.
I’ll get home late (I prefer staying home at night).
A loss is a real possibility, thus compounding the above two points.

However, with the equally real possibility of a win, and seeing the boys play, I’m looking forward to tonight’s match.


After Half-time, Sydney had 2 taggers running with Shiel & Merrett. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fremantle do the same.

Only 3 of them 5 are best 22. Cant have em all in

The rest are good to go. We’ll be right

We’ll be lucky to score more than 4 goals for the game.

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So you’re telling me to sit tight.
Ok, if things go wrong, this will be all on you.

I’m sure we will be better prepared for that tactic this week.

Damn straight. We’re not just going to back them in, we’re going to back in their competitiveness.

I’m feeling more confident about this game than I have any other game this year, that’s why I’m only tipping Freo by 22 points.


Agreed his VFL form has been average, but there isn’t really any other medium forward available.


Well in the last quarter, that did not work well, we won clearances by a significant margin and nearly doubled Sydneys I50s, but could not convert. Hopefully Daniher will fire tonight. That should bring our smaller forwards into the game.

Gold! Love it.


I feel this week will be the same apart from instead of bombing long to packs we’ll be bombing long to Daniher’s head once our run and gun game is closed down early days.

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To get reamed again

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Two hours until the opening bounce and not a single rumour of a late out? What’s the world coming to.


The forward line would be much more potent with Hooker forward.

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That bloke Fanta -c-r lasted only 1 game