The Team v.s Pies Round 24

Because he kicks goals, and that’s not what we do at this club. our key position forwards need to be running to the right spots and doing all the other stuff.

apart from the injury stuff above being a bad look.
weedman went 7 odd weeks without kicking a goal.
jones went something like 2 goals in 5 games early on in the season

and yet the last game of the season, you still won’t give the kid just a taste, just maybe a last ditch hey here’s a potential reason to keep you if you perform beyond how low we actually think of you.
but nope. gotta reward weedman with another chance, because that’s what scott does, rewards players who don’t play to their roles output.



It was hardly a performance worth dropping players for…

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I’m omitting myself from this game.


Me too.

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I hear Weid has been tearing it up on the training track. Looks primed for a big one.


I hear Snelling’s been working dilgently on his kicking. He can now kick it 25 metres.


I hear Weid’s been working diligently on his kicking. He can now kick it 25 meters.


So after a 126 point loss, there has been so ‘omissions’. We are soft as butter

Apart from Davey Jr and Tsatas, have we debuted anybody else all season?

2 debut seems exceptionally low for a team coming off a bottom 4 year


I got on Collingwood at a line of 69.5. Paying $7.20

Not the most outrageous odds

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We suffer a 21 goal defeat, yet no one is dropped. All our outs are “injured”. Typical, middle-of-the-road - i.e., mediocre - Essington selection. I suppose the lads might feel hurt if any of them got booted up the transom.

FFS, it’s the last game of the season, we’ve no chance of playing finals, so why not give VOSS a go ?. Indeed, all four of the “Emergencies” could make a better case for selection than those who were preferred to them in the named team. We know that AMT is going to play, but what about the other three ?

This match is of no consequence, except that our opponents are currently the best in the competition, whhich would provide a great learning experience for our talented but raw recruits, such as VOSS, Davey and Hayes.

But no, the likes of Weedy man are preferred to the likes of VOSS, the likes of Laverde to Hayes and the likes of Smelling to Davey. We know what Weed can or rather can’t do. Ditto for Laverde and the Midget. They’re fine players, all of them, in the Magoos.

Talk about Vanilla.



Last week’s team selection looked stupid when it was announced on Thursday. It looked really stupid after the game. Somehow, by naming this team, they’ve managed to make it look even stupider again.


It seems that Brad has made up his mind about Voss, Massimo, Tex………

Are you going @Finding_Nino ?

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Maybe it’s because Voss actually has some ticker and would show the others up….can’t have that at Essington

The most notable thing about that team selection is: we have an absolutely deplorable list


Why would they announce tippa getting a farewell game against the pies and then list him as an emergency? Did someone not get the memo?

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Tex is injured

With the quality of our high performance team that surprises me!