The Team v.s Richmond Round 23 2022

Essendon’s round 23 team

Backs : Jayden Laverde, Michael Hurley, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
Half-backs : Mason Redman, Jake Kelly, Jordan Ridley
Centreline : Sam Durham, Darcy Parish, Dyson Heppell
Half-forwards : Matt Guelfi, Dylan Shiel, Nic Martin
Forwards : Peter Wright, Jake Stringer, Archie Perkins
Followers : Sam Draper, Zach Merrett, Jye Caldwell
Bench : Massimo D’Ambrosio, Nick Hind, Zach Reid, Andrew McGrath

Emergencies : Menzie, Phillips, Hobbs, Ham

In : Hurley, Reid

Out : Langford (injured), Bryan (omitted)

Last week’s medical sub : Hobbs (unused)

so we get smashed by a rubbish team in Port, and players once again aren’t held accountable

No hobbs, no Voss,no Menzie

When Rutten ever wonders why he lost his job, it’s selections like these that cost him. Only one more game left to go of this dud


Rutten probably doesn’t give a sheet at the moment.


Disappointing that Hobbs doesn’t start in the 22. Deserves to



■■■■. I’m gonna have to go watch this 17 goal drubbing to say goodbye to the big fella.


Amazed that there are only two changes this week. How did Menzies & Hobbs miss after that horrible performance?

No accountability for the effort last week. This is 100% what is wrong with the club.

Having said that perhaps there were some others matters on their mind so they might have forgotten what happened last weekend :man_shrugging:


we need competitors after last week.

so we bring in a cooked Hurley albeit sentimental last game and a skinny giraffe as a kid.

Hobbs watch on from the bench again, Menzies and Voss will watch on from the stands,


Bombers by minus 100 points

It’s a pretty second order consideration this week but, given what happened last week, that’s a rather disappointing team.

No room for Menzie again FFS.


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Still tanking I see.

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It’s been a bloody long season

I would be playing Hobbs before Massimo

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This is a prank, yeah?

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The team to break the Tigers curse has been revealed!
History will be made this Saturday night.

Rutten protecting his mates by completely burning others who should take their spots.

Enormous thumbs up.

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I’ll have what he’s having!


Pretty disappointing that some heads haven’t rolled. I don’t get why Menzie is not in.


They don’t need a last minute match winner obviously.

It’s worth trying Hind again at HF as he can find space around high HF and hit up a forward. Will be good to look at Reid playing forward. With Guelfi, Mass & Hind playing forward there was no space for menzies.

We’ll go ok this week and if we tackle like maniacs and do some defensive running we might even win.