The TEAM vs the Crows

I am not sure how I feel.

In: Josh Green, Conor McKenna

Out: Heath Hocking, Martin Gleeson

B: Patrick Ambrose, Michael Hurley, Andrew McGrath

HB: Mark Baguley, Mitch Brown, Brent Stanton

C: Brendon Goddard, Jobe Watson, Darcy Parish

HF: Orazio Fantasia, Cale Hooker, Travis Colyer

F: Josh Green, Joe Daniher, Conor McKenna

R: Matthew Leuenberger, David Zaharakis, Dyson Heppell

I: James Kelly, Zach Merrett, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Kyle Langford

E: Martin Gleeson, James Stewart, Matt Dea

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Well nobody picked that.

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Hope McKenna proves me wrong

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Great to see Tassie boy Josh Green back in… adds a lot!


Oh, and Gleeson out. I didn’t think that would happen

Conor, duck yeah


Pls dont …

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Brown still preferred to Hartley? Right.

Kelly, Zerrett and Tippa on the bench? Arrogant.

like the changes. Then two ins are good. I think Langford and Zaka can count themselves lucky


Agree with WOB. Happy for the ‘ins’ but disappointed and sad that Heater didn’t get another game.


Good. That is one fast side. Hope they run them off their legs.

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Green hasn’t been named in a back pocket? Woosha is losing his touch

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Run baby, run.

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Good ins

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Gee fast side

See how that strategy goes.

About time they dropped Gleeson.


So no tagger in our side … we’re going toe to toe with the Crows on the back of 3 games when we’ve been smashed in the middle and in contested possessions… righteo.

So who’s going to win the contested ball?