The TEAM vs the Tarps

… meh

In: James Kelly

Out: Brent Stanton

B: Martin Gleeson, Michael Hurley, Mark Baguley

HB: Brendon Goddard, Michael Hartley, Andrew McGrath

C: Conor McKenna, Zach Merrett, Travis Colyer

HF: James Stewart, Cale Hooker, Orazio Fantasia

F: Dyson Heppell, Joe Daniher, David Myers

R: Tom Bellchambers, Jobe Watson, David Zaharakis

I: Ben Howlett, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, James Kelly, Josh Green

E: Craig Bird, Brent Stanton, Kyle Langford

Reckon if langford puts in another shift or 2 in the vfl he has to be included.

I’m happy with that.


The team has been improved at least. Stants certainly isn’t getting much of a run at it though

Lots will complain at Langford not being in. I reckon it’s good, let it burn a bit. Hope it makes him never want to get dropped again and he kills it when he does get back in.


No favours by Woosh for the returning guys which is how it should be. Are we a sniff this week? Shattered I can’t go but do have a wedding with an open bar yeeow

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Kelly for Stanton was always going to happen

Stewart getting to stay ahead of Francis not entirely surprising. 50/50

Myers not getting dropped for Langford a joke IMO. Acid had better of been put on Myers for his shocking ball use and decision making last week.

17 disposals. 52% DE. 4 clangers. 1 tackle.

Did Stanton and Howlett flip a coin?

Also surprised not to see Tippa rested. Figured he had to be injured or fatigued.

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Resting the week before a bye?



I believe it was rock, paper, scissors


Can’t complain too much there, Kell is an automatic in and Stants didn’t have a great game against GWS. On Myers I think he’s about to come good. There were signs, although fleeting, that he is starting to get some rhythm into his game. He is a bit like Hurls where he needs matches under the belt before he plays well, once he gets that he will be fine. We badly need him to have an impact in the contest and also get the left peg sending them 60m lace out.

Langford has been shown some “tough love” by Woosha, even last year with a depleted squad he was sent back to the VFL to work on his game. It will be worth it in the end.


Stewart needs to produce this week. A Luey/Bellcho combo could potentially dislodge him from his spot.

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“Make them earn it”… meanwhile give charity games regularly to Howlett, Myers, Stewart…

But make sure you earn it Langers!



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Stants forgot Spock beats all…

You need to give players more than one or two games though. Stewart does need to contribute this week or I’d say he’s in trouble.

My face on seeing the team:


It will work this time, I just know it will


There’s only one thing Stewart needs to do different to have an impact.