The Team

IN: K.Langford, J.Merrett, E.Kavanagh and O.Fantasia
OUT: P.Chapman (groin).

But… Which one will play?

No Smack. Cue Blitz meltdown.

langford listed as a HF on the team sheet on EFC website, so he could be a possible debutant


Whoever comes in from them will likely be the sub. Full game for Hams!

Langford named in the 18.

Interchange from Heppell, Baguley, Hams, Melksham, Jerrett, Kav and Fantasia

help bags melk won’t be outs, we need more run so the logical choice is hams.

Me likey

From the afl website:
“MILESTONES: Blaine Boekhorst - Played 1st game”


From the afl website: "MILESTONES: Blaine Boekhorst - Played 1st game"


it is a bit of a milestone

first player to openly call their club ■■■■■ on twitter and still get a game

So one of Hams, Kav, J Merrett and Fantasia will be the sub.

So Langford in for Chapman.

Hams sub again is my bet.

So barring injuries, most likely is Langford for Chapman.
Can’t see any of Hep, Melk or Bags being left out. Which leaves Hams as sub again.
Not great for mine.

Hurley named in defense, I assume this means he’ll play forward this week?

I hope Hams gets a full game.

I hope Jerret gets a run.

Why won’t the club. Listen to Blitz



Looks like Joe(our most dangerous forward) will be spending time in the ruck again and not in his most dangerous position.

Hams better not be fkn sub again