The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020 (Part 2)

what a stupid suggestion


/sarcasm font

However …

Reports suggest that Koktsov flew to Miami to try and mend their relationship. When he arrived he found Sabalenka together with another man. After which he returned to his room and later jumped from the 23rd floor in an apparent suicide. A large amount of liquor bottle were found in his hotel room.



Might have to sign up with tennistv.
Bein sports is useless for coverage.
2 channels and 1 channel continues the fascination with replaying federer/joker/nadal matches ad nauseam.

Really? I thought they would’ve showed all the matches. Good to know. Pass!

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I reckon the end is nigh for nole.


I think so also starting to lose more often

Nick Kyrgios back tennis training

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Popyrin defeated Defending champion Rublev at Monte carlo open.


Is he going to play this year?

Did rublev implode?

“Seismic activity at mount Rublev”

Seeing rune playing 2 games 90 mins apart and dispatching Nagal and Dimitrov should be curtains on a career

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De Minaur beats Popyrin 6-3 6-4.
Djokovic up next tonight.

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I know it’s 2024 banged up Rafa but still, it reads pretty well haha


Better late than never!


doesnt read well for rafa, no?

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Just pull the pin Rafa you dont want to go out like this