The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020 (Part 2)

Correct. But people like who they like. He needs to accept that too.

When he started out the Joker said he was proud to represent his country. Unfortunately for him, Serbia would be one of the least popular countries in Europe and hasn’t become politically acceptable to Western Europeans.

Nobody cares that he is Serbian.

I’d say most tennis fans wouldn’t give a crap where he’s from. They just don’t warm to him like they do with others. Which is ok as people have their own preferences.

Demon out?

Says who?

A couple of tennis journos on Twitter



Legit this is a real shame. :worried:

Damn. There seems to be a lot more injuries than in years gone by. Is it just that much harder now or are there too many tournaments? I can’t remember so many players either withdrawing or playing with injuries.

He is gutted, hard interview to watch.

bloody hell


Tsitsipas really is a hard dude to warm to. Odd unit.


It’s time.

I wish this was the final.

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Calling her fat again with that last part :joy:

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Some great points already