The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020

Zverev takes the first set 6-3 and serving at over 91% for first serves! Will be hard to beat if he keeps that up.

I was never old enough to watch John McEnroe but he seems like a cool guy

Should have sent Novak out there - he’d wipe the floor… with Federer.


I’ve got nothing! Hahaha

Boom tish :rofl:

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I love sassy Doe. Where’s @Diggers to indulge in Rogers downfall?

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Nah. Just a routine a*se injection.

can you dry water with a brick wall?

Shot of the tournament m!

can we put courier out to pasture?

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lights gone out at Rod Laver - where’s @saladin?

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I’d much rather get of Woodbridge first. He’s a complete moron

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Routine eh?

reasons the next gen will never tough djokovic and nadal and federer.

absolutely none of them hit the baselines with their shots.

everythings rally from the service line

He was anything but. He was a cheat, even according to one of his old doubles partners. He was one of the greats during his era, but you could tell a lot of his explosions were stage managed, the more he looked like being challenged the more likely he was to explode.

l prefer him as a common potato than as a player.

Zverev a little too content to just counter punch from the back of the court. Thiem getting on top.

Zverev needs to go for his shots, he’s not going to win playing safe.

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In a weird way I reckon you’d get better value out of paying to see this match, last night was one way traffic after the first set. This match is see-sawing almost every service game.

Thiem up a break this set, then Zverev takes the lead and now it’s 4-4 in the third.

Thiem has ice water in his veins going for his ground strokes.

give me a 1hand backhand