The Tennis Thread - from Jan 2020

Does Zverev really think he’s gonna beat the GOAT in the final playing safe? This match is on Thiem’s racket, for the good or bad. His shot making is getting him in and out of trouble whilst Zverev is just trying to counter.

One of those rallies was an absolute borefest - they were hitting it to eachother in the middle of the court.

The GOAT lost in the other semi.

Zverev’s serve is keeping him in the match. Has hardly missed a first serve.

Yep, was just ordinary.

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I think I would put my home on Djokovic after tonight’s game.

do it.

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You’re definitely mistaken, the GOAT is already in the final.

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Thiem rock solid in the teirbreak to take the third set.

Thiem takes the third in a tiebreaker after a long, long set. Wonder what Zverev has to give from here.

a give up?

Really? I think either of them is going to be very competitive

First time I’ve seen Thiem play, first against Nadal and now this match. I really like how he plays and his fighting qualities.


I can’t believe these guys are going to fight each other for two more hours to win the prize of being the one who gets anniliated by Djokovic

I know, it’s crazy. Equivalent of Essendon playing 22 home and away matches to get to a final.


Yes exactly! When the result is certain then why bother!

Though I reckon Essendon would have a greater chance to win an interstate final (ie: 0.01%) than either of these will have to beat the Joker

Doe is in fine form.

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NOLE form