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I side with you guys on this kerfuffle, yet I have three sons. I’m so sorry.


I reckon Grant Denyer would have a daughter. That dude is wise


Yes it is.




Coaching from the box is not determined by who the coach is but by the relationship between the player and the person delivering the message.

EG - The umpire who coached Kyrigos is of no relation to him and therefore its not deemed as coaching

To make this more clear for you as you seem to be unreasonably stubborn on this whole thing if Serena’s partner, friend, mum, sister, aunt, child sent a hand signal from the box which indicate a specific part of her game to conentrate on, whether she saw it or not it is considered as coaching.

This whole diversion you mention about Kyrigos is simply not true. He has people in his box and they are still able to signal messages.


My favourite line from that movie, l used to throw it around a bit but as a teacher l realized it could have been taken the wrong way, so l had to stop. It always makes me laugh, still.


But they don’t get called for it. For at least the 5th farking time, hardley anyone gets called for it let alone in the final of a Slam.


Still no confirmation of daughter status?


And again that is not really true, they get called on it quite a lot. Just rarely in a final. Doesn’t make the call wrong though, it was still a breach of the rules.


C’mon Diggers. That supposed solid ground doesn’t justify her acting like a petulant child.
Her reaction was a disgrace.

Yes the enforcing of this rule by tennis umpires is inconsistent and it needs to be sorted out.
But if she was smart she would have sucked it up on court and hammered him in the press afterwards.
If she’d channeled her anger in the right way she may have even come back. She made it near impossible for herself by giving away a free game.

You can bag the inconsistency of the umpiring all you like. It doesn’t justify her disgraceful behaviour. She wants to use the “i’m a mother card”. How about showing her daughter that you accept the umpires decision?


It was a call to be made because she was being coached.


I will have you know they are definitely baby boomer lefty bullshitisms, there is nothing to like about any gen z.


You can’t deny that her coach wasn’t coaching her- he admitted to it, it’s not up to the umpire to determine whether or not Serena heeded said coaching, if anything it was a warning to her coaches box to stop. Her reaction is what warranted the penalty; if you call an umpire a cheat or a thief you deserve to be punished, period.


I think tennis umpires in general show remarkable restraint.

Imagine the speed and the duration of the sinbinning you’d cop if you spoke like that to a rugby ref.






he is back and that makes things very interesting amongst the big three


NOVAK now equals Sampras with 14 on the all time leaderboard. Reckon you can make a strong argument that he’s the second best player EVER (behind Federer… for now) and ahead of Rafa as he’s won 12 of 17 at the French, and sad that he missed an entire year.


You dont like Williams which is fine. And your response loses credibility when you state you approve of doping. All tennis players dope in one way or another to improve performance.



also diggers is being a massive peanut, understandable after franklins no show and serena embarrassing herself.


I can’t see him catching Federer’s slams. I reckon he’s got 2 or 3 more in him. I reckon Rafa has got 1 left at most.

Neither of those guys will play to anywhere near the age Federer has because their styles are just too physically demanding. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if at least 1 of them has retired by the end of next year.

Federer is done now imo. Even if he plays for another 12 months, I’d be surprised if he gets past the quarters again in a slam.