The Tennis thread


Rafa has 2 French Opens left in him if his body holds up. Think he may struggle to reach the semis of any other slams


That’s his problem.

Speaking of players sooking, he had a big sook in his press conference after losing.


Male, female, black, white or red Serena is a bullying cow who has tried to manipulate and intimidate officialdom since way back when.
Although I kind of agree with what she’s saying she’s just using it it cause she’s a $hit house sport who was about to get knocked over by s 20 year old.
Hijacked the whole match.
What a moll.


‘You will never, ever, ever be on another court of mine as long as you live.’
‘I told you to apologise to me.’ (6x she demands an apology)
Then she paints herself as a hero in the presser as woman tennis players will now be able to express themselves because Serena took the fall this time.

Serena is a pampered, privileged, narcissistic, egomaniac who equates personal success with good character, whereas she has been using unfair tactics to intimidate and disrupt opponents for years. That’s her choice to play at the edge but it disqualifies her from claiming she is a player who puts fair play ahead of winning or a victim when an umpire applies the rules.


There have been at least 4x incidents since 2016 where players have abused maggot Ramos during a match. A Murray, N Djokovic (2x) and N Kyrgios and not one of them received a code violation yet he chose to issue one to S Williams in the final of the US Open.

Those of you who argue that the maggot was ‘only doing his jerb’ should also be asking what is his criteria for issuing a code violation because it seems that the fellas can abuse him freely yet this lady can’t.

She has been treated differently here and good on her for calling this maggot out over it.


heaps of other examples where ramos has given violations for less.

just get over it serena lover.

re novak potentially catching federer, I dont think itll happen, neither with nadal… nadals body is breaking down, and Novaks injury issues over the past couple of years has put a huge dent in his chances. If he could have got one or two more over the past two years then I’d say he was a real chance


I will get past it when you maggot lovers acknowledge there are inconsistencies in how maggot Ramos handles dissent.

He’s a stickler for the rules all the other times that he isn’t.


I dont think anyone is denying that. As would be the case with every umpire, theres a lack of consistency.


Common ground at last!


It’s clear as day there is inconsistency across the umpiring in general, not Ramos.

Doesn’t excuse the disgraceful behaviour from Serena. And the claims about Sexism and racism are just a joke.

Like the cartoon from that Aussie cartoonist that has now been labelled racist. That is ridiculous. People don’t even know the definition of racism any more


You’re not telling S Williams how to perceive what is or isn’t racism to her based on your personal experience are you?


It definitely raised an eyebrow of mine.


How is it any way having a go at her race? It’s making fun of her behaviour. If it was a picture of a white person doing exactly the same thing would it be called racist?

People simply can’t say anything against her (or someone like Goodes as an another example), without people pulling the race card.

If I call her a spoilt brat is that racist? Because that is all that cartoon is doing


No. You’re telling her how to behave without any insight into her experience. Then you’re compounding things by telling her how she should feel, based on your personal experience.

With respect, we have no idea what S Williams has experienced in her life but if she says she gets treated differently because of her DNA, the least we can do is not dismiss it or start to lecture her on how she feels.


That behaviour is not acceptable on a tennis court. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with the other experiences in her life.
In terms of the on court penalties, she got what she deserved, not for the interaction with her coach, but for her behaviour afterwards.
Regardless of life experiences, it’s no more acceptable for her to behave that way than it is for Nick Kyrgios.

Can you really tell me anyone in the world would be defending Nick Kyrgios if he did exactly the same thing?





I don’t think anyone disputes that she could have expressed herself better but you were directly referencing her comments about race and gender.


Upon first inspection of Serenas face thats all I could see. Albeit less overt.


And I stand by that. She just pulled those cards to try and get herself out of the hole she’d dug for herself.


If the cartoon’s aim was to make S Williams look as hideous and ugly as possible, then he/she has achieved it.

Interesting that he/she has chosen to depict N Osaka’s complexion that way. Her tone is almost as deep as Williams.

If his/her aim was to depict S Williams as a big, scary negro and the umpire and opponent as meek and civilised white people, then they have achieved that too.