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Applying code violations from the umpire’s chair is inherently subjective. It has to be. Sometimes the judgement of the official goes with you, sometimes against you. That’s the nature of understanding and regulating ethical conduct.
There was no racism or sexism here, but rather just the judgement call of an official.


good luck with that.


He/She is Mark Knight

If you know Mark Knight’s work then you know he draws everyone like that.


Diggers I really like your contributions to this forum. You’re one of my favourite posters.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on this. I’m not saying any more.


He draws dark skinned Japanese/Haitian girls as white skinned with blond hair?

He’s very complementary when he chooses to be.


Hmmm. Not to be picky but why is that complimentary? Unless you mean in his view?

Aside from that it’s bog ordinary race caricature and he’d almost certainly know that in doing it he would raise a stink. Clicks and outrage is the business.


I get the impression he chose to depict maggot Ramos and N Osaka that way to further compliment the ‘grotesque negro’ on the other side of the court.

What better way to distinguish good from bad than in the time honoured way of ‘black’ and ‘white’?

Black= Bad, White…


You haven’t seen too many pics of Naomi have you? If you have you would see she has blond highlights in her hair so that when she has it in a pony-tail it looks blond.


I think l must be color blind. Osaka’s skin tone in that pic is not white. Her tone could be darker for accuracy but claiming that she’s drawn as a white girl is outrage gone out of control.



You’ve got a future as a rep for Dial an Excuse.


I agree. You must be colour blind.


And you ignore facts to run off at the mouth like the person you are defending.


N Osaka has black hair and a deep brown complexion. If you don’t agree then you don’t know what she looks like.


Go onto, type in her name and LOOK AT THE PICTURES. I would give you one but I am not set up to put pics in here. There are many, many of them that show her pony-tail with BLOND HAIR.

The fact you won’t look but continue to comment without any facts shows you cannot be trusted to approach this with any sense of reason or understanding.

But keep going, feel free.


Just saw the video with the outburst. That Serena Williams bloke could do great things in our midfield


Ash Barty has won the doubles title with Coco. Great effort. Still only 22.


I know this runs the risk of annoying Diggers even more, but Osaka is hot. Leaves Williams for dead


Apart from the time he did.


All that does is illustrate the inconsistency of maggot Ramos’ decision making. And adds to a player’s frustration.


Cartoon is racist as ■■■■.