The Tennis thread


That is the woman who deserves the spotlight. Forget the umpire and forget Williams. Osaka is a worthy winner, and was clearly the best player in the match.


Amazing how not blond that blond pony-tail is. I know who has vision problems, it aint me.


Lol. I’ll concede it’s somewhat light brown among all the darker bits to prove that I’m not completely unreasonable. That skin tone though… Even if you squint… Nup.


Look @IceTemple, it’s Barbie!!


Yeah, I posted that one in another thread on this board. The guy has some issues.


Seeing as you decided to come part way then I will as well: I didn’t like the cartoon either.


Its a horrible cartoon and speaks volumes about its creator and publisher.


It speaks volumes about people who are choosing to interpret it as anything other than a cartoon which as cartoons do, exaggerate the features of their subjects. Just like the examples that BSD put up earlier. The facial features are going to be further enhanced when you are depicting someone sooking. He didn’t put bones through noses or anything demeaning like that which would have of course been terribly wrong. Simply enhanced/embellished her features.

I feel sorry for cartoonists and comedians and the like these days in this age of the perpetually offended brigade they might as well not even bother, as their intentions are irrelevant and the scope of their art decimated.

He did one about Kyrgios sooking days earlier which also exaggerated his features. The Greek-Malay community were not up in arms.

BSD hit the nail on the head earlier.


The ump and the opponent were not the subjects, they were generic, hence the lack of detail.
Those cartoons aren’t intended to convey too much, they are so even people who can’t read get the gist.
Oh, one of the Williams sisters smashed their racquet, naughty!!


Lol! There is plenty of detail!


You feel sorry that artists and/or comedians aren’t free to indulge in disgustingly antiquated racial stereotypes?


I would say that it says plenty about you if you can’t see how racist on so many levels that hideous cartoon is.


There was another one featuring Sudanese attacking the cops. For balance, a white attacker was included, labellled ice addict (sub text, not a natural propensity for a whitey to attack a cop).


No. They stomp on the heads of 60 year-olds on the way home from the footy. Can’t wait for that cartoon!


It simply is not. So no.


If they are actually being racist I don’t feel sorry for them.


I take that for asthma. LOL.


Simple challenge for diggers. Draw a caricature of Serena Williams throwing a tanty, complete with an angry/tantrum face which is the whole point of the cartoon, in normal cartoon style (ie exaggerating physical features), in a way that you would say was not racist, and post it.


How about everyone’s speaks in a Chinese accent without being racist?


I can’t think of a single reason to get involved in this discussion… Crikey Moses!