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Are you sure your name isn’t Aesop - you love a fable.


I like the point about the stupidity of comparing it to other cartoons. There is no comparison!


There needs to be more Naomi Osaka in this thread. She even made Baz look capable in that interview in the Aussie Open. Wouldn’t matter who drew her caricature, she’d still be delightful, humble, funny and drop dead gorgeous.
Sorry Heffsgirl and Katie Lio for not staying faithful to you, but I have a new crush.


i have no problems with you viewing my true story as a fable, as long as you accept the message.

Times started changing in the 1960’s and while some of us were slow to catch up, labels and depictions of earlier times are not acceptable. I am sure there are even things that even you are sensitive about.


JBomb is extremely sensitive about our midfield.


The message is BS because it doesn’t factor in intent or all of the facts & only relies on individual sensitivities. By that measure everything is racist everything is sexist everything is offensive even if only to 1 person.

Let me give you one of my own good old day stories to highlight why I believe your position is inane. I went to school with a kid who had Sri Lankan ancestry. I can’t even remember what his full name was but it was long & difficult to pronounce & the 1st 3 letters were Dij. Everyone, teachers included simply called him Dij pronounced “Didge” & I have no reason to believe he had any issue with that at all as thats how he introduced himself & labelled his work . Then came the day we played footy against Worawa Aboriginal College. They assumed he was Aboriginal (there were quite a few Aboriginal kids in the school) & took offence to the rest of the kids yelling out Didge (assumed as short for didgeridoo) when he got the ball. Their coach approached our huddle at half time threatening to call off the game & notify the Education dept. It nearly came to blows with the Worawa coach getting extremely aggressive & it was only when Dij started crying that he took a second to actually listen to what was being said.

Now in that case the Worawa players, staff etc were offended. Turned out there was absolutely no intention to offend & there was no real reason to be offended but according to your standards it would still be offensive - I think thats myopic. In hindsight I guess Dij should have been offended that they assumed him Aboriginal & had no cultural awareness of the origins of his name.


Do you reckon that Didge might have preferred if people took the effort to learn and pronounce his actual name?

That story is actually very interesting but I reckon not for the reasons you think


Again he introduced himself & signed his work, books, pens etc with Dij. I do remember once when a sub teacher tried to pronounce it (must have had his full name on the roll) he quickly said “call me Dij” I don’t really think its that different to say my Dad who introduces himself as Bob rather than Robert & plenty of other people who shorten or go by a completely different name to their licence.


no it doesn’t you dolt


You are so predictable.

I had lots of mates with Italian heritage who didn’t seem to object at all when we called themselves wogs, they even called themselves wogs. I thought nothing of calling them my wog mates for years.

Recently one was severely ill with lung cancer, and before he died told me that he didn’t really like being called a wog, but went along with it to fit in. I have learnt the hard way that it is not about me, time you did the same and considered the other bloke.

Fark, if I can change my ways after a very long time, there is hope for you.


I think all this overshadows how much of a toss bag Serena was in that final.

Serena Williams has been lashed for her US Open final meltdown by world number 25 Barbora Strycova who rubbished the American’s ‘‘sexist’’ claims against chair umpire Carlos Ramos.

The former world number one was hit with three code violations and was penalised a game after hitting Ramos with a rapid fire volley of verbal blows as Naomi’s Osaka’s maiden grand slam title was overshadowed by controversy.

Williams accused Ramos of being ‘‘sexist’’ by suggesting the same penalty wouldn’t be handed out to a male player, however Strycova wasn’t buying it and thought the outburst warranted Ramos’ intervention.

“This is a bulls***,” Strycova told Czech website Sport.CZ .

“For umpires being women or men doesn’t matter. In comparison, I never saw Nadal shouting like that with an umpire.

“Ramos is tough, one of the best umpires in the world.

“He did what he had to do in that match, because she overstepped the limit.

“Did she have to behave differently only because she was Serena Williams? I find it interesting that she did it only when she was losing.’’

Strycova added that she has been penalised previously in her career and Williams’ punishment had nothing to do with her being a woman.

“Me, as a woman, take a lot of warnings,” she added.

“The WTA defence surprised me. Will rules change in Serena’s matches? If it’s like this, let me know.”

Williams has demanded an apology from the chair umpire, however he has remained tight-lipped since the incident.

She was slapped with a $17,000 fine after labelling Ramos a liar and a thief.

The International Tennis Federation stood by Ramos’ stance and praised him for acting with ‘‘professionalism and integrity’’.

“Carlos Ramos is one of the most experienced and respected umpires in tennis. Mr. Ramos’ decisions were in accordance with the relevant rules and were re-affirmed by the US Open’s decision to fine Serena Williams for the three offences,” an ITF statement said.

“It is understandable that this high profile and regrettable incident should provoke debate.

“At the same time, it is important to remember that Mr. Ramos undertook his duties as an official according to the relevant rule book and acted at all times with professionalism and integrity.”


Stupid racism picture aside, the appalling manor by Serena is being overlooked and is starting to taint her career. Diggers can stand up for his girl all he wants, and I’d mindlessly stand up for Bjork too as she’s my girl, but Serena needs to have a really hard look at herself and the way she acts on the court, which seems to flare up when she’s losing. It’s pathetic. Demanding an apology for the chair umpire doing his job? Bullying opponents, umpires and linesman when she’s losing? Talk about ego, she might be the best player ever, but she’d be low on my respect levels and court behaviours. Acting like a petulant child.

Remember when she threatened a lineswoman on a “big” point?

Umpire asks her to make her challenges more obvious and “she’s been picked on”

“I’m the most respectful on court”

Get a grip, Serena.


I think Serena’s behaviour and Mark Knight’s racist charicatures are two seperate issues


Both Serena and Knight are tossbags


“watch yourself crazy, i’ll shove this tennis ball down your throat” -diggers probably


I can tell you from personal experience how true that is. I have gone along with the “go work at 7/Eleven” and “Taxi Driver” jokes even when they were delivered with little humor and much contempt. Just wanting to fit in and not stand out as a sore thumb.


It’s certainly meant to be offensive. It’s her chucking a tantrum.

It’s the suggestion it’s somehow racist. It’s not her doing anything that’s inherently racist. It’s her skin tone, yes it exaggerates her features but that is the art of caracture isn’t it?

I’d just like someone to do a cartoon of Serena chucking a tantrum and it not be deemed racist.

Could you draw one?


Already posted.


Your picture looks like a white woman coloured brown. So drawing nice full lips on a black woman is racist?

Fark me, I give up.

Your cartoon isn’t offensive to Serena cos it’s defending her and taking aim at a politician.

Draw a cartoon of Serena that’s meant to be offensive to her but not racist?