The Tennis thread


Drawing big full lips on Serena - who doesn’t really have big full lips - is an odd decision, at best.


There are historical precedents. It’s highly offensive to some. Why is this so hard for you to accept?


I’m not the one offended by it…


“Why is drawing a big hooked nose and a big bag of money on a Jewish guy offensive?”


There some pretty beautiful full lips and high cheek bones in this photo. unnamed

I can see why a caricature would feature high cheekbones and full lips to attract a likeness.


Everyone is different though.
I know lots of wogs who have no objection at all to being called a wog. In fact one such wog even declared me an honorary wog because I like wearing everlast shoes and prefer adidas over nike.
There really is no hard and fast rule for this stuff.



So do we err on the side of not ■■■■■■■ people off and being seen as a massive racist, or the side of caution?

It’s a tricky question*

  • it really isn’t tricky.


If “high” means “wide”, then sure, she has very high cheekbones.


Well personally, when interacting with anyone different to me, whether that be by race, colour, religion, disability etc , generally I like to take my cues from them. Easiest way I think.

But for people like Serena, who bully people, threaten people, etc, when things aren’t going their way, and then play racism, sexism, whatever the ■■■■ ism cards they can think of to justify their nasty behaviour, I just don’t care. You dish this ■■■■ out, your wear it when it comes back.




So everyone who complains about a decision deserves racism and/or sexism.



Fwiw, that cartoon is not defending her.
Quite clearly calls it ugly behaviour on a tennis court.


Seriously, that’s what you took out of that.

I give up.


Maybe it’s the offended that have the problem.


Yes, because that’s what it boils down to.
Michael Long holds onto Monkhorst unfairly, Monkhorst resorts to racism.
Serena carries on about the umpires, you reckon it’s OK that she cops it off the Rupert press.
You’re either on Monkhorst’s side of the fence or Mick long’s.


Sure, but doesn’t mean the rest of us need to act like uncaring turds


Whatever you reckon.


Not sure how else you would explain your comment then?


Would you call a black guy a ■■■■■■? Black people often refer to other black guys as ■■■■■■■, but I would think there would be too many others willing to call them that.


Seems to me that there are alot of people who want to be offended on behalf of others who might be offended.