The Tennis thread


Nope, for a multitude of reasons.


I would say the first part said that personally I try and treat people with respect.

Second bit says, if, when it suits your purposes, you treat people like ■■■■, have zero regard for facts or decency in your behaviour, don’t be surprised when the same comes back the other way.

Pretty simple really.


Who’s doing that?


Well not the bloke who had a go at Francis (you know, the kid who was battling depression) for having a laugh with a mate after our team, which he wasn’t playing in, lost.


Act like a ■■■■■■■■ and expect racism. Right


Anyone who makes excuses


We all learn from our mistakes


That’s not what I said either.

I said if you regularly treat others like ■■■■, you have to expect some to come back your way. And I also said I don’t care if it does.


Excuses or reasoning?


It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that cartoons and forms of caricature may become a dying art - Seeing this type of art fairly much skirts the edge then it’s on shaky ground - Hell even comedians could become a dying scene - And this is from a person who has no interest in cartoons.


Fwiw that cartoon (the Wilson one) not really a caricature. It’s also not mocking her, it’s mocking the other guy. It also is not very obviously serena- cut out just the face: it might be anyone with dark skin and non-exaggerated features…


Yes, this has been raised before.
It’s the first panel, the set-up, but while perhaps it’s not mocking her, as you put it, neither is it pardoning her.

And not a caricature, no, but a cartoon.
You say it’s not Serena in a detailed physical sense, and yet you have no trouble recognising her.

I think most of us have said all we can constructively say on this subject.
Some people say they see a good resemblance of her. I accept that.
I don’t see anything remotely like Serena, and if that face were in a different setting it would be unrecognisable.

If I could be bothered I could play with some cut and paste, maybe put that face on the Paul Keating caricature to make a point.
But I doubt it would be worth it. Those who say they see Serena would still say they see Serena.
It’s difficult to imagine any sort of…experiment once the establishing connection has been made.


Ok, so all knight needed to do was use a cartoon rather than an unflattering caricature - in a way he wouldn’t do for anyone else (when mocking them). So special treatment for someone based on their…


Knights cartoons are ■■■■


I’m sorry if that’s the impression I gave you.
As I said, I think everyone’s said all that can be constructively said on the subject, but since you still seem to be unclear on my position I’ll summarise.

Knight shouldn’t use racist tropes and stereotypes and be less of a ■■■■.

Hope that clears that up.


It’s okay to be empathetic. The world needs a lot more of it.


The moral high ground must be an over crowded piece of real estate these days


But the moral low ground is just a tiny little island fortress being attacked on all flanks, sustained only by the mantra “I’m alright Jack”.


I do think it’s amusing that others are more outraged at my outrage than my outrage.