The Tennis thread


Pretty much.

Although now we have three, no…four things.
The incident itself.
The cartoon.
People’s reaction to it.
And people’s reaction to the reaction.

And speaking of that last, my father showed me Knight’s cartoon this morning, reminding us all who the real victim is in all of this.

What a ■■■■ he is.


Remember when this thread was just about how ■■■■ Stosur was.


Yeah, all you bandwagoners f*ck off and leave this thread in peace.


Trying really hard to.
Don’t @ me, bro.


It’s OK, I let my argumentative spirit get the best of me too often also.


Lleyton sent himself in for the doubles. Got the result but hopefully the last time he pulls that trick


DeMinaur is going to be a star. The way he fought on vs Thiem, despite being massively outgunned, was a joy to watch. On a hardcourt, he might have had him covered.

He just needs to add 10km to that serve and continue to develop physically.


They are both petulant, slow maturers.


I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise


His profile was slipping


The 2 best things in tennis over the past few weeks were Osaka beating Serena (and Serena’s response), but in 2nd place was both Kyrgios and McEnroe going at the umpire together over a ridiculous replay the point call on a kygrios winning serve during the match when Fed smashed him recently in the Laver Cup.
McEnroe showed that his outrage even as a non-playing captain was far more energetic than anything Nick can muster. Great entertainment and really funny stuff. Not sure Mac is the best mentor for nick.


Tomic through to his first ATP final in over 2 years, won 12 of his last 15 games and back in the top 100 again. Decent effort to resurrect his career from the brink.


Meanwhile De Minaur in a semi himself at the Shenzen Open, locked 1 set all right now.


This doesn’t appear to be on fox. Is there a stream available?


I typed in sportsstream into google, and then went to one and ranked by tennis and found one.





Cool. I take it the tennis thread is now for caricatures yeah?


Can one of the mods please rename this back to the tennis thread? @saladin


De Minaur got knocked out 10-8 in the 3rd set tiebreaker after having a match point.