The Tennis thread


You know that you can do it yourself.


You can edit other people’s thread titles?





Oh fk, … now you’ve done it Doey.

Hello pandemonium… :roll_eyes:


I don’t have that option Doe, there’s no edit icon next to the thread title. Only for topics I have created.


I’ve been wondering how to do this…yay…


I just did it for this thread.

Reckon the mods should fix that though @Riolio


There’s a strong possibility I’m just really stupid, but I still don’t see it.


All I can see is the edit history, there’s no option to change.


You have to “qualify” … reach a certain level in some things to be granted the status.


Tomic won. Back to counting his millions while the rest of us roll into our 9-5s tomorrow.


Tomic wins saving 4 match points in the tiebreaker, good on him! Back to a rank of 76


14 years on the site doesn’t qualify?


It;s just a discourse thing, … it’s self regulating with it’s nutty “badges” etc.


I suspect your exit interview with Rolo tomorrow is going to be a difficult one.


Tomic should get automatic entry to Australia open now, no qualifying.


He’s done this a couple of times, only to regress again.
The key will be if he can keep it going and patch things up with little Lleyton and co.


Dat top 70


Thats a pretty handy 71-76
Lopez, Berdych, Wawrinka, Tsonga, Tomic.

Obviously I followed tennis more closely 4-5 years ago.


Most of those have had bad injury problems and it’s all about defending points from the previous year earned, so it’s easy to slip down but back up again if you’re talented enough.

Tomic had a woeful 2017 dropping from about 20 to 200+ but is now back to around 80 which basically gives him direct entry into slams. He didn’t qualify for the Aus Open this year.