The Tennis thread


Oh my…


Listen, this has been the Serena Williams and Martina Hingis fantasy thread for a very long time. Don’t act surprised.


you’ve overtaken donnington for most ■■■■■■ up lit-erotica in this forum.


At least you could understand Donnington’s love for Guelfi…more so if Donnington lifts shirts.

Serena is repulsive.


Pots and Kettles.


Don’t fear the possibilities. Embrace them.


I’m over Nick kyrgios. Talented but fkg stupid tennis player. Arrogant and undisciplined.


You’re a patient man to have waited this long.

I watched about 2 games of him yesterday and concluded that he’s still a complete ■■■■■■


He either doesn’t get it or doenst care, that tennis is as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. That part of his game hasn’t developed one iota.


I think he likes tennis but hates the grind of the professional circuit. And to be fair, it sounds like a pretty ■■■■■■ lifestyle. Away from family and friends for months at a time, going from airport to hotel to competitions back to the airport and off to the next tournament. A Barty had a gap year playing cricket before coming back to the pro circuit apparently refreshed and with renewed vigour. Maybe this approach would benefit N Kyrgios?

I’m with J McEnroe on Kyrgios. He’s the most talented young player on the men’s circuit but could easily become just another unfulfilled talent or fade away altogether like B Tomic if he doesn’t find a way through soon.


De Minaur is where it’s at. Everyone should forget about Kyrgios.


Every time you think you’ve forgotten about N Kyrgios he does something to remind you that he’s one talented muthafukka.


Totally agree


Until he actually loses the shithouse attitude he’s going nowhere.
I’m not confident he’ll ever be any better then what we’ve already seen


I’m with @Diggers… Ms Bencic could indeed be classified as “handy”…


If he’s still half-arseing it this time next year then I suspect you could be right.


And you’ve just realised this?


Kyrgios is now our 4th ranked player after De Minuar, Ebden & Millman.
And Bernie isn’t that far behind Kyrgios now.


I expect a good year from Tomic. Think he can push back into the top 30.


That’s probably best case for him though.