The Tennis thread


I quite like the format used in the hopman cup for the mixed doubles. It’s a bit of a bastardisation of the sport, but ot works very well if you don’t like the grindy tennis marathons that we’ve become accustomed to.


Australia seems to pump out a few of them these days, starting with Philliposus and now these two airheads. I don’t know where kolkinakis is injury wise. That young bloke whose name I forget but would mangle also looks every bit of little Lleyton. We would be on top in men’s tennis if they had a fraction of the mongeralistic fervour Hewitt had. He was a terminator right up till he retired.


Phillipoussis had a career that those two boneheads could only dream of at the moment. In saying that, I can’t blame them for taking it easy yet still making heaps of money, though I reckon Tomic has blown a fair bit of his, and also exaggerates his wealth.

FWIW Phillipoussis’ dad has been imprisonned in the states for being some type of paedo. He’d be feeling pretty horrible about that I would imagine.


From what l’ve read, he’s not in prison, he was charged but had a severe stroke and charges hav e been dropped/withdrawn as he is unlikely to ever recover to be able to stand trial.


De Minaur is a seriously good player, He is probably really a Spanish player, but if he identifies with Australia, its OK by me !


that’s one interesting serve to win the match…


That surely wouldn’t be legal in a non-exhibition match. There has to be a rule about faking people out or having 2 balls in play at once.


That’s brilliant!

That strikes me as something Kyrgios would try but it happened at the other end.


Watched todays game between those two… Tomic was seeing it the size of a beachball and you could tell he was the inform player, some excellent shots, well controlled, few errors and a lot of his half pacers (especially serving) which seemed to fluster a very rusty Krygios who probably didn’t like not being the showman on court as Tomic was pulling off some ■■■■ shots throughout. Then again they were both having a little fun out there and both were respectful. Probably meant more for Tomic’s confidence than anything meaningful.

And that last point should definitely have been a dead ball. You can’t have two balls on the court at the same time in play as Tomic was bouncing the ball having already snuck that ball into play.



its an exhibition match who cares.


Just because neither man gave a fck doesn’t mean there wasn’t some ridiculous shots made. It’s an exhibition match for gods sake, you want either man to break themselves for that? Get a grip.


Yes, lets do ourselves in for an exhibition match in front of maybe 500 people 4 days from a slam? Makes sense to me!


Who’s Georgie Parker?


Was an actress in All Saints then represented the Hockeyroos and now plays for Collingwood in the AFL Womens.


And now a tennis commentator.

She can do it all.


Pretty sure that was a different Georgie Parker, unless she’s now playing AFLW at about 50 years-old…


She’s the all rounder Australia is crying out for!


Did Jo Griggs get dumped?


A lady from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Follows the Toon - apparently.