The Tennis thread


Speaking of betting.

Kyrgios is the shortest priced aussie to win the mens singles at the AO.
26 to 1.

Shorter odds than Raonic, Murray, Wawrinka, Dimitrov…

De Minaur is an 81 to 1 outsider.


Because De Minaur is a Scrapper!


what has that got to do with Kyrgios being at stupid odds?




Scrappers are rarely rated as tournament favourites. Players like Kyrgios when they find their mojo are harder to beat. As soon as he does find form he is easily pencilled into the 2nd week.
Why thinking of a $$$?


Ohhh realllly… whoops! :wink:


It is. This one is so insignificant that even though she was an Olympian she had to put in her bio that she is NOT the actress.

Other side of the coin, Nathan Templeton said something along the lines of “with all due respect Georgie, you haven’t played at the highest level” etc etc.
He though it was the actress.
He did issue an apology for it


Anyone who doesn’t bet on Djokovic is throwing their money away.

Only danger is Zverev discovering how to not suck at Slams.


Write Federer off at your peril.

He loves this tournament and the level of support he gets from the Australian crowd gives him a huge advantage.


Reckon he’s done. Might get to the second week, won’t make final.


I have said that myself a few times.


Lol, … Ch 9 actually making a one hour “Show” out of the Aus Open Tennis draw. Fkn hell. :roll_eyes:

That’s not been a thing before has it?


They paid $$$ to get the rights, makes sense they try and build hype around it.


:thinking: The rights have always been paid $$$ for, no?.

I think they way overestimate the number of Tennis tragics that would sit & watch while they drag a 5 minute process out through 6 ad breaks and an hour of their Summer holidays.

Never say never I s’pose, but it seems laughable. and desperate.


I reckon there are more important things to be mad about myself


And the NK and BT match was obviously a sham. Yes of course you’re not expecting them to leave everything out on the court a week out from a slam. But some of the efforts given in that match were farcical. There’s a middle ground of course that’s acceptable and they were nowhere near it.


People watch the afl draft.


by people you mean most of us no lifers on blitz?


Meanwhile De Minaur was playing in sydney and it wasn’t on


Khachanov will win the Aus Open