The Tennis thread


Got Margaret Court Arena for day 2.


Channel 7 got the cricket
Channel 9 got the tennis.

With the way the cricket is going, I reckon channel 9 has come out on top


Dunno, but hope so, so sickly sweet when she speaks.


Didn’t know channel 9 got the tennis.

I learn something new everyday on Blitz. :grinning:


Will get a day pass for day 1 and 2 and wonder around looking for the upset result.


So Kyrgios and Tomic should be gone after the first round.


Did that last year and loved it. This year figured I’ll take my chances on MGA, hopefully at least one good match


Kokkinakis (32nd Q seed) beats Polansky (4th Q seed) to make it to the main draw 6-4 6-4


This actually makes a lot of sense to me.

Stems from the Australian culture of tall poppy syndrome.


Andy Murray announces he will retire after Wimbledon.
I have my doubts he’ll even last that long.


So does he


Feel pretty sorry for Murray. Tried his best and was a top 5 tennis player at his peak. Injury cut at least 5 productive years out.


Sure he’ll be ok.


Money wise yeah… Emotionally I reckon it’d be pretty crippling for a good while.


any other era and murray is the best player in that period. Just so happened to be up against the three greatest male players in history.


What? better than Borg, McEnroe, Sampras!




Ridiculous. Love to see Murray against Borg and McEnroe with a little wooden racket.


And without the elite training environments they have today.

Difficult to compare across generations.


Sorry Barnz Sampras was an absolute gem. Would beat Murray and find plenty of quarters in doing so.