The Tennis thread


Sampras would have beaten them as well.


Kiss Nadal’s power goodbye with the old rackets as well.
He’d get pumped.


And the faster surfaces they had back then would reduce Djokers back court game.

Federer would still reign supreme.


A good match if I could watch Michael Chang at his peak vs Alex de Minaur now. That would have been a cool match to watch!


Like Sharapova I would think Djokers would imitate Feds style.


Well Tomic still has “things to do” on school holidays. Kyrgios anyones guess???

Alex de Minaur closes out 1st set.
Good tennis.:wink:


Nope. Agassi would beat Murray


…and the Scrapper wins. Good stuff!


De minaur thrashes him in the end.


And again! De minaur wins the title!


Someone you had to avoid whilst walking over a floor covered with new ideas


Has the heat policy changed this year? When do they start calling games off? Going to MCA on Tuesday but got drawn two women’s matches, FFS


Is that a day or night session? I thought it was pretty common for day sessions to have 2 women’s matches


Make sure you have strawberries and cream with your champagne now :joy::rofl::wink:


Day, didn’t know it was common. Looks like I’ll do mostof outside courts


It’s not Wimbledon


Duckworth making a nuisance of himself against Nadal so far


I so want De Minaur to play Nadal in the 3rd round. And beat him of course


D Min up 5-4, … serving for the 1st.


Duckworth gone. Nadal through in straight sets