The Tennis thread


Tsitsipas can win it if he plays like he played against Federer. Has to be super aggressive. If he relents Nadal will roll him. It’s a massove ask but not impossible


Your expectations could be out of whack of course. Like they were when De Minaur played Nadal. :grinning:.

I’d love Tsitsipas to beat him or at least push him. It’s looking bad though. I think it will be straight sets


Rafa looks in amazing nick so far


Yep, Nadal is looking unbeatable at the moment.

If you haven’t worked it out I’m not a Nadal fan.


Neither am I - was going to use some less than appropriate language to describe him…


Tsitsipas is doing better than expected but doesn’t look like making inroads on Nadal serve.


I’m not either


I like Djoker even less.

And don’t get me started on Raonic.


i don’t like the type of tennis your raonic types bring.

betting it all on your serve


He just bores me to farking tears.


I hate Djoker too but if it’s final between him and Nadal - it’s Djoker every time. Agree about Raonic - add Cilic and Berdych in there too. Fark I just realised not many tennis players I do like.


Give me Kyrgios every day of the week


if the greek can bring back 1handed backhands hes done tennis a service.


Nice save from Tsitsipas there. Three break points saved.


Needs to hit that at the start of the game and not when he’s 40 love down.


Sigh. Another easy service game for Nadal.


The best thing about watching Nadal play, is that you’ve got time to take a slash while he gets ready to serve.


This Greek boy has talent but not in the same league as Rafa and my boy Novak.


Ridiculously good first serve % from Tsitsipas; fear he may get a bagel in this set.


This is an absolute joy to watch.
Don’t think he can match Novak but who knows