The Tennis thread


Huh? The ever annoying Nadal in a non contest.

You like watching that?


Cmon break that prick.


I’m a massive Rafa fan boi so yes it’s a joy to watch. He has his annoying traits I do admit but he does things on the court that you just think isn’t possible. Absolute freak


Ok. Boring as hell for the rest of us not getting half chubbed though. :wink:


Fark Rafa and the horse he rode in on.


Go Djoker is all that is left to say…


McEnroe straight up hitting on Rafa.


Osaka is still “alive” in the tournament and the Williams’ aren’t. All is well.


It’s very nice here.


We saw N Osaka represent Japan against Switzerland at the 2018 Hopman Cup and I’ll
be honest in saying I thought Osaka could make the top 50, possibly even the top 30 one day. Her success since then has been very unexpected.


Her ascension to the upper echelon of players has been a pleasure to watch. Would enjoy seeing her take out her second slam.


Agree with Diggers about Osaka. Though she could reach top 20 if she played a more controlled game. Predicting the future in sport is a tricky business


Even if just for the post-match on-court interview - she’s hilarious in her honest and simplistic responses.


Very sweet, humble & with a nice amount of Japanese quirkiness.


Speaking of Japanese girls, we went to the Issey Miyake store in Maranouchi yesterday and I have to give credit to M Miyake as the girls he had working there were drop dead gorgeous.


In the form he’s in, I expect him to dominate Djokovic.


Rafa’s longest match of the tournament so far was against De Minaur. So De Minaur’s performance might be better than it looks.


I think he’ll be favourite to win, but I can’t see anyone dominating Djokovic. He won’t be shell shocked like some of Rafa’s opponents have been and he’ll find a way to get into points


Another yawn fest tonight.


The way Djokovic is dominating tonight, I might re-assess! :open_mouth: