The Tennis thread


Tipping Nadal.
Should be a great match.
Both haven’t faced a quality opponent to challenge them yet.




I so want a 3rd set.
Please please please please please…now break the little


I don’t. Stressing hardcore now. Osaka had three championship points & couldn’t get it done. Has now imploded. Crazy match.


Osaka implosion!


wtf Osaka…


Osaka capitulating like no other. I’d be surprised if she came back from this.


We going to a 3rd woohoo!


That was as good a choke as you’ve ever seen.
Lets see if she can get it together in the 3rd.




Osaka is done. Won’t win more than 2 games in the last.


Chokiest choke that ever choked.

Greg Norman would be proud.


That bloke in Kvitova’s box will burst a blood vessel shortly.


Kvitova has the Natty!


She choked from 5-4 but Kvitova was massive in the game when she was 0-40


Finally she grabs a game. Sheesh.


Nah, it was 5-3 Osaka & 0-40 with 3 championship points. Naomi imploded & Kvitova won 4 games on the trot (and 2nd set). I hope Naomi regroups here.


Soz JR I don’t think so.


And don’t forget she had another championship point on Kvitova’s next service game too.


Ya never know…:wink: