The Tennis thread


Let’s take a moment to appreciate how far Petra has come. From basically having her fingers almost severed off to runner up in a grand slam.


Kvitova’s next service game was at 5 all


Phew! Well done.


Women’s final delivered.


Well done Naomi and also well played Petra.
Luckily there was no Serena to rain on your parade this time.


Tony Jones is such a flog




That’s funny.
The Japanese love a winner though don’t they


I think that is one of those satirical news sites prolly run by a foreigner/foreigners (non-Japanese).


It’s definitely satirical. I get their stories in my feed every day. They’re pretty good, although this one’s a bit recycled from Osaka stuff they’ve done before.


I’ll check it out. Cheers.


Been overseas so missed the past week but managed to watch the Fed v Greek fella live on my flight.

Honestly what a day we live in you can watch live sport on a long haul flight.


What does that cost?


Actually so keen for tonight.


Promises to be a crackin game if there are no injury issues.

Hard to know how it’s going to go, but I think Djokovic will prevail.


Emirates have got it on all there 777 planes for Economy, for some reason though not available on the a380s.


They have it most of their 777’s but only about 30% of A380’s currently.
Very rare to get one on the A380’s to Australia


I really wanted Kvitova to win that.
Oh well then good tennis Allround.:kissing_smiling_eyes:


Agreed. It was a fantastic game. Kvitová was staring defeat in the face in that 2nd set and fought hard to get back into the match. Naomi then had to regather her composure and reassert herself again. Enjoyed the subplots and almost 2.5 hour match. Happy Naomi won in the end.

Hopefully, the men’s final lives up to the hype. It promises to be an epic match.


Yeah I didn’t have any pineapples on them. :yum::sunglasses: