The Tennis thread


Novak is out on court Lleyton?


Oh, hi Crazy.

I’m in Sydney.


R Nadal has at least won more games than L Hewitt did in the 2004 US Open


Nadal can’t do anything right.


Djokovic getting lazy now and using the drop shot to try and finish points quickly.


You better have brought me back something.


The wheels are falling off for rafa


Novak, when hes playing at his best is just pure oppression. its like mongol horde showing up at your city.


Game over


Zero mistakes, getting everything back and playing smartly, whilst Rafa is playing tentatively, missing shots and his serve is giving Novak every look. Clinical so far.


The squeak his shoes make when he slides while hitting is more harrowing than the loudest of grunt.


I’ve brought you some stories from my quiet time with Bjork.


Just a matter of time. Tonights match so far is an absolute formality.

Against according to hewitt, Nadal in “career best form”.

On a slower surface it will be interesting to see if anyone can go close to him.


Does anyone state the bleeding fkn obvious better than Jim Courier??

I think not.


What are the chances of a remarkable comeback like the one we did in 2001 vs the roos when we trailed by about 12 goals and ended up winning the game by 2 goals ?


I don’t think it goes beyond 3 sets.


Djoker is relentless. What a masterclass . I was going for Nadal ,but Djokovic is playing awesome tennis.


you;'re never beating nole when he hit a winner to the side NADAL IS ALREADY STANDING AT


Novak being the avenging angel for @anastasios1979’s boy stefanos.


Rafa won’t beat Novak on any other surface apart from clay in a major ever again.