The Tennis thread


He could easily win another 3 this year and if Nadal isn’t 100% or pulls the pin in the next year or two he could win the slam. Can see him winning another 7 or 8 majors barring injury


Novak’s beaten him before there. He’d have to be a better chance than ever now


Zverev is the one that can really challenge. It’s all about him overcoming the mental battle at slams and then things will take off.
Lendle has runs on the board so will be interesting how he goes.
Tsitsipas is still very raw. Has a huge game but it’s all about consistency at the moment. He will be up and down a lot this year.
The other that I think can take his game to a other level is Thiem. I’ve always liked his game so hopefully he can elevate himself even more.


Guys the tournaments over. Time for this thread to go quiet until the next time anyone gives a fark about tennis - exactly 50 weeks from now


No way. Novak’s Aust Open win has raised the interest and importance of the French Open massively.

If Novak wins then he holds all four slams at once for the second time, and sets up a same year Grand Slam.

It’s going to be huge.


The next slam is the Rafa Open in Paris. You novakkers are dreaming if you think a fit Rafa is beatable in Paris.


Grand slam > some ■■■■ sniffer


The Bernie Tomic interview on 60 minutes now is hilarious. Why does he keep winking at the female interviewer. And he keeps saying he has had a great career so far. He’s had an ok career at best


You’ll never take those two Colombian Open and Mexican Open titles off him!


Reckon Tomic should give the Aussie summer a miss - It seems to inflame negative thoughts in his head - Tomic’s had a decent career with a best ranking of 15 and a handful of titles - It would be good if he is more focused on tennis and he can achieve more.


This is what happens when overbearing parents tell you you’re a superstar every day from a young age.

Lose touch with reality. That flog needs to go work on a building site for 6 months to appreciate how good he has got it.


Or what happens when your parents push you I to doing something you don’t really have the passion to do and you subsequently resent what it is you’re doing, but the money is too good so you stick it out just for the $$$$

I’ve never considered Tomic a case of the spoiled brat. Overbearing pushy ruthless father caused this IMO.


Tomic would have been one of the most dominant juniors in the history of tennis.

He won every major tournament all through each age group.

Unfortunately his game didn’t transition well onto the tour.


“unfortunately” the money is very good even if you just have a few periods of ok form.

If you had to really put in to get just ok bucks, but really really really bust a gut to get big bucks then maybe his approach and effort would have been different.

But if your motivation and attitude is not the right one it cannot be easy to live that lifestyle and stay balanced. It’s a bubbled world and some just deal with differently to others.


He only won two junior grand slam titles Australian and US and was never even ranked number one. He won a number of orange bowls at the under age levels which are prestigious, but he would have nowhere near the best junior record.


Of the modern era he would most certainly be.

You cant include players from 40 years ago or more.


Who’s talking about 40 years ago. He hasn’t even got a better junior record than Donald Young.



He peaked very early did young Donny


I think I was ranked world no 15 once and I’m rubbish


You’re not John Tomic are you Killer Mike?
I respect you sticking up for your boy though.