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No, just think he’s a product of our society.


Tosh. De Minaur, Millman, Ebden, Groth, Kokkinakis etc are all products of our society and turned out fine.


Demon isn’t, but point taken.

Not saying all our athletes are floggs but would be a high proportion.

It’s not just athletes though to be fair


Based on what I can gather, Tomic is an absolute product of his environment, as alluded to by TA or Lleyton or someone.

He’s an absolute peice of $hit and I wouldn’t let him walk my dog let alone represent Australia. His dad struck me as a slithy tove some time ago.

Kyrgios I’ll forgive as he just seems like a bit of a lost soul.

All Tomic is is about the money as shown in his fkn daft comments regarding the millions he’s got, the gig on I’m a celebrity, get me out of here (first apparently, which says something considering his opponents) and now trying to sue whoever teased him probably for being a snotty 17 yo punk who should have got a hiding on that basis many years earlier.

■■■■ of the highest order, kudos dad.


I’ll also that Tomic was super fit as a junior and along with his court craft he never needed to develop a big shot. This has held him back.


Yep, we have a real issue with turning young guns into great tour players.

Having said that it has been difficult to thrive at the top with the big 4 dominating.


Tomic’s father ruined his career. The juniors is for developing your court craft, not for working on your fitness as though you are joining the army seal. Getting out of the juniors was a chance for Tomic to escape from this concentration camp, but unfortunately he went too much the other way.


The primary reason that Bernie’s elite success as a junior has not translated to (say) top 10 status in open age is that he is not a natural athlete and cannot compete physically with the top players. When you watch him move side to side he only just gets to the wider balls, whereas the top players are much faster and make the same shot with time to spare which gives them an enormous advantage. And he is terrible moving up and back. You can’t be slow and top 10.

This is not anyone’s fault, he was just born that way. He is tactically brilliant and has wonderful variation which allowed him to get to the top 20. His expectations were over inflated - you could blame his dad for that - but Bernie is just as big a dickkhead as his father, and he is now responsible for his own mediocre career.


I think some of it is physical but Tomics biggest battle is mental.

He has loads of talent.
He has struggled from kids to mens game 3 to 5 sets.
Tends to whinge about stuff rather than just cop it sweet and roll with it.

I thought he was on a similar progression to Djokovic.
But Joker has a better serve, moves a lot better, and is more focused, more talented.

Tomic lacks that shot that can put the opposition away.

He is still good enough to be top 20, but I dont see him reaching top 5 like I did when he first burst onto the scene.

The thing with Him and Kyrios is that I dont think they can be focused for the whole 2 weeks of the open campaign.

When you watch Nadal and Djokovic through the tournament. Their preparation was on key.
Tennis was clinical and progressed through.
But as soon as they walked on the court you know what you are going to get.

With Tomic and Kyrios you dont know if Essington is going to show up.

Kygrios has talent to be a number 1 ranked player, top 4, he just needs a coach to get fit and harness his mental energy and make it work for him.

De Minaur has a great work ethic and attitude, which is a stark contrast to the other 2 high profile aussies.

Davis cup team on Talent would be
De Minaur
Woodford and woodbrige :slight_smile:
or Rafter/Arthurs

Then you have Millman Kokinakkas, Tomic, Ebden, and others

I think Mentally Millman is in a good place and his tennis has been consistent which has seen him rise up the rankings.
Think we should play specialist double players. And get Hewitt out of there.
De Minaur


I would also add that he doesn’t have a fluid swing on either side.

He seems to caress the ball over the net for accuracy in an age when you have to hit through the ball to keep your opponent deep.

He gets severely found short against the big hitters.


Tomic lacks hurt factor against the best players - as Houli Dooli says, no killer shot. His serve is just adequate which means it’s always under a little pressure.
He’s got nice variation, and tactically astute, but that will only get you so far, especially with the lack of athleticism.


Tomic got pushed up too early. Survived against the big boys by junk balling and never developed his game the way he needed to.

Still plays like an undersized kid, not the 6ft5 powerhouse he could actually be.


You could argue that Federer was pushed up to early also but he continued to work on his game once he hit the tour.

Both Tomic and Kygrios flatly refuse to become professional and it has impacted their games.


Tomic started playing professional level events at 15. That’s young in the men’s game. Sure he could have not acted like a total tool but he found a surprising amount of success with his junk balling shenanigans and stuck to it.

It’s not the only factor in his misadventures but I believe it’s a part of it.


You are 100% correct with your post and Kyrgios has the same affliction with his movement, though not as pronounced - I’ll also add Tomic has always been reluctant to hit a heavier ball early in rallies.


You missed Popyrin. On Talent he’s at least the equal of De Minaur.
And on work ethis he’s a mile ahead of Kyrgios.



I see Mark Knight was rightly cleared of any wrong doing by the press council for his Serena cartoon :smile:



This guy is top 5 on talent.

Shame he cant keep it together long enough.