The Tennis thread


From memory the head to head between Kyrgios and Zverev is even. I always fancy Kyrgios against Zverev


Nick stayed calm v Isner & won a close match. Don’t think he has the legs to beat zverev. Hope I’m wrong.


Up a set in the final verse Zverev!

When was his last title and for the rankings nerds where does this shift Nick to if he wins??


If he wins I think it takes him to approximately 23

Scrap that might be 15


just get zverev to mentally implode.


No, he’ll be 31 if he wins


Thats a massive jump… fair enough


You’d have both camps thinkin/planning the same wouldn’t you??


i think it’d be easier for nick to chat the ■■■■ needed.

zverev still tries to appear as a class act.



Hopefully he’s finally recognised how much talent he’s got.

This week has been huge for him.




Yep. Currently ranked 72 on 750 points, he wins it takes him to 1250 points and to being number 31 (ahead of Kolshcriber currently on 1205 points). Not a bad weeks work.


Huge serve from Kyrgios

Championship point


There’s the title.

Huge victory


No other Aussie could put a week like that together.

As much as he is a polarising character we need him playing well.


Krygios wins the title! If he only had to play top ranked opponents against feral crowds to keep him interested he’d be a world beater.


That was a monster kick serve and he follows it in as well to put even more pressure on.
Then the ace on the 2nd serve again to win!!

When’s his not carrying on and just playing tennis his ■■■■■■■ good to watch.


I think he’s the biggest talent outside the big three.

If only he could get it together he could win three or four grand slams.

Beat 3 top ten players to take this title! That’s massive!


He’s certainly got the raw talent.

If he does get his career, and his life, under control, that’ll be great. I’m sure everyone hopes that he does, for his own sake and the sake of tennis.

But he’s won titles before and he’s been ranked much higher than 31 before. There’s every chance that he won’t get past the first round in his next tournament. There’s nothing to indicate that the leopard has changed his spots. He’s just happened to string together a week of top form.


Nobody will argue with you there.

He’s a mental case and with that comes uncertainty.