The Tennis thread


See if you guys can catch a look at Kygrios’ no-look volley. Absolute pure ridiculousness; especially given he is generally crap at volleying. But he played well and looks like he is getting coached by someone.


Where do you get the info he is getting coached?


No information. But there is a very quick technical improvement in how he volleys. Someone has coached him through this. It could be anyone - doesn’t need to be an official coach. Just someone he listens to.

It might be something he’s worked on with one of his double’s partners and their coaches, or it might be Matt Reid or someone similar. But you can’t do that on your own with a video camera.


Love him or hate him, … it’s really unwise to miss any Kyrios match. There’s always something that’s gonna happen.

I didn’t hear & can’t find what the boof head in the crowd said to set him off, … but fk I love the way he dealt with him. Even had his Mrs/GF/Date pretending she didn’t know him, … and when he got ejected, … she fkn STAYED!! :smile: PML.


Kyrgios is popular in America - Think it’s to do with the hoopla and razzamatazz of professional sport practiced in America.


I love this. I don’t understand why it doesn’t happen more. You shouldn’t just expect the ball to come to you everytime in a similar spot. Smart play by Kyrgios.


Love the cheeky grin at the end :rofl:


Andreescu is going to be some player.
Saw her star in NZ last year, but surprisingly had a disappointing AO.
Only 18 and already has powerful ground strokes, especially her backhand, and impressive smarts.


Agreed. I reckon it’s a great idea against these guys that stand miles back. I’m glad it ■■■■■■ off Rafa as well.


That’s it. It’s not the winning of the point as much as putting them off mentally. Perfectly legit tactic, and very smart one from Nick.


Credit goes to Tomic for that one.

Tomic did it to Kyrgios a month ago.


No issue with it. If you have the balls to pull it off, go for it



Do you need to procure special balls for underarming?? :smirk:


up there with underarm bowling, blight on the game.


That’s a bad comparison given drop shots are a completely acceptable shot when playing tennis.


That’s my logic. If you can drop shot someone you should be able to underarm serve.


Kygrios loses to coric in the Miami Open in 3 sets

4-6 6-3 6-2


The real story of Miami is Jordan Thompson. Has pulled wins vs Khachanov and Dimitrov, up soon vs Anderson. Probably going to get rolled by the big guy, but a Masters QF would be a huge achievement for him.


Djokovic lost as well


It’s interesting how dimitrov seems to have fallen off the wagon; raonic doesn’t look to have the all-round game to win a major; thiem might go close on clay when nadal retires. zverev still looks a bit skinny and can’t yet go 2 weeks deep into a slam, but I think he’s the real deal, as is tsitsipas.

but geeeez Nick just get your body fit & healthy, and focus on the match and not the crowd or umpiring, because there is a major or 2 just waiting to be taken away from the big 3, as they are still great, but getting more beatable each year.